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Slippin' through the City

No description

Emily Suber

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Slippin' through the City

Name of event
Our event is called "Slippin' through the City" Who wouldn't want to slide through a city on a Slip N' Slide that is a 1000 feet? You can either slide for fun or race someone to the finish line!
Where is it going to be
Slippin' through the City will be held on St. Simons Island, Georgia on July 12th, 2015 from 12-9pm. It will be from the Coast Guard Station all the way to 15th street.
Price of event
Entry fee is $8, concessions are extra. 50% of all proceeds will go to Wolfsons Children's Hospital. Some food that we will have is hotdogs & hamburgers ,ice cream, ICEE's, candy, and drinks.
How many are we expecting
We are expecting around 10-15 people or maybe even more. All ages are welcome:)
Slippin' through the City

Revealing swim wear is not aloud :)
Types of obstacles races and contest
Free Style: You go through the slip n' slide for fun.
Partner racing: You race a partner down the slip n' slide.
Tricks race: A race to see who can do the coolest tricks while on the slip n' slide.
Fastest time: A race to see who can make it to the finish line the fastest.

Swim wear: A contest who has the best bathing suit.
Float Contest: Who has the best float
Winner will be able to have an Icee or ice cream of their choice for free!
Night Event

When the sun starts to go down, that is when things start to get even better! The slip n' slide will begin to glow in the dark. There will be strobe lights, and everyone will receive a glow in the dark necklace and bracelet.

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