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my trip to london england

No description

clayton boren

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of my trip to london england

my trip to London England
Clayton Boren
the money stuff
hotel room: generator london 103 pounds per night so 618 for 6 nights
passport:120 dollars
food: 175 pounds
plane ticket: 1500 from salt lake 2-way
gas from here to salt lake: 20 bucks
tourism: 44 pounds

total cost: 1912 pounds or 2923 dollars
government type: constitutional monarchy
if you break a law in england you are subjected to the laws of the land you are curently in not of where you are from
laws are very similar to the us
historical tourist site: winsdor castle (still used by the monarchs)

constitutional monarchy:a form of government with a monarch( king/queen ) at its head or leadership as well as a form of democeracy (parlament) (senate) (ect)

britain has a smaller economy than the united states
this makes the pound not as valuable as the dollar

poverty in the uk: 23%
poverty in the us: 14.3%

what if i get injured?
always get help as quick as possible if...
1) an animal atack
2) a car accident (even if you feel ok)
3)an attack of any kind by another person
4)extream fever or diareaha
5)its a regularly known hurry case

otherwise you should be able to put a band aid on it and call it ok
religious beleives in the uk
you have the freedom of religiond but these are the most prominent religiounds in the country
i will not be there during any prominent, country celebrated holidays that i know of if there were i would most likly participate at least if i had never before and was welcomed to
most of the time if you are comeing from america, courtisy is very simaler, to avoid offending anyone, dont use random british steryotypes, dont be generaly rude or insulting and try to be respectful. to express graditude, your similarly just going to be polite and say thank you, or something of the like.

tipping is fairly similar, most places with tours, resturaunts, or general open musemes or cultural buildings will ask for tips. a standard is around 15%
sister:I would bring her home a shotglass (toothpick holder) for her colection.
brother: a cool puzzle or game only played or sold in london
mom: some cool food or recipies i thought she would like or a hard puzzle of somewhere i went
dad: a cool lego set of somewhere i went

trevor: an amibo that is hard to find in the us
tim: an interesting trivia book with random facts about england
brady: i cant realy think of anything spacific so i would proably just get him something that struck me that he would like.
james: a book of stupid puns for him to harras teachers with

a few cool postcards for my collection
any pictures i took
a poster of a famouse landmark i went to
a cool nick-nack (snowglobe, small statue, ect)
estimated cost: 75-100$ or 48-64 british pounds
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