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Copy of Moving Up In Army JROTC (Rank and Structure)

JROTC, Learning The Ranks; Let 1

Connor Denney

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Moving Up In Army JROTC (Rank and Structure)

Moving Up in Army JROTC (Rank and Structure)
E-2; Cadet Private
The First Actual Rank you earn. Privates are squad members, and can be company staff like S-1Green and S-4 Salinas!
O-3; Cadet Captain

E-6; Cadet Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeants are most often platoon sergeants. From this rank up, Battalion staff positions are open to you.

Battalion Adjutant S-1

Battalion Intelligence (Security Officer) S-2

Battalion Operations and Training Officer S-3

Battalion Logistics (Supply Officer) S-4

Special Projects Officer S-5

Battalion Technical Adviser S-6
Most often platoon leaders, and can be battalion staff. The first available officer rank in JROTC.
O-1; Cadet Second Lieutenant
E-1; Cadet Private
This is the rank you begin as, it has no insignia and will quickly be replaced with its counterpart, E-2, because you'll all learn the creed, ranks, and company COC and pass the promotion board!
E-3; Private First Class
This is the second rank you can earn. PFC's are generally squad members but can be squad leaders and also company staff.
E-4; Cadet Corporal
Typically assistant squad leaders and squad leaders. They can of course be company staff!
E-5; Cadet Sergeant
Most often squad leaders and occasionally platoon sergeants. This is the highest rank you can achieve in your first year of JROTC.
E-8, Cadet First Sergeant
Those with this rank are pretty reserved to being company First Sergeants. The double highest rank you can get as a LET 2.
E-7; Cadet Sergeant First Class
A rank typical to platoon sergeants.
E-8; Cadet Master Sergeant
This rank is most befitting to platoon sergeants and also the highest rank you can achieve as a LET 2. Unless you're a company first sergeant, that's up next!
E-9; Cadet Sergeant Major
Sergeant Majors are typically reserved for staff positions.
E-9; Cadet Command Sergeant Major
Cadet CSM are, as the name says, Command Sergeant Majors! They are the senior enlisted advisor to the commander. In other words, in charge of all of you! Our Battalion CSM is Cadet Barcala.
O-2; Cadet First Lieutenant
Also platoon leaders, but they can be company executive officers! And staff, but, whatever.
Captain is most often a rank held by company commanders. The highest rank you can hold as a LET 3.
O-4; Cadet Major
This rank can be held by senior battalion staff: Battalion XO and PCB (President of the Cadet Board), along with Staff 1-6. The Battalion XO/PCB is Cadet Edwin Drennan.
O-5; Cadet Lieutenant Colonel
This rank is held by the Battalion Commander and the PCB. Our Battalion Commander is Kenneth Hernandez.
O-6; Cadet Colonel
This rank is held by Brigade Commanders and the Deputy Area Commander. Ida Baker does not have a brigade, we are the Bulldog Battalion.
O-7, Cadet Area Commander
There is only one Area Commander in Lee County. The Area Commander is in command of all Lee County Cadets. Our Area Commander is our very own Abbigail Kingery!
You can earn any of these!
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