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The truth for all

No description

Dante Lim

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of The truth for all

"La Verdad Para Todos" - The truth for all A La Solidaridad article by Jose Rizal Cause/Purpose Reflection: Contents: History: May 31, 1889 * To let the Government know the
consequences of abusing Filipinos * Fear can be used as good or bad "Well now; in this unfortunate struggle between the friars who want
ignorance and darkness like the bandit who lies in ambush at night and
in mystery and the educated and noble classes of the country who want
light, union, direct understanding with Spain, the impolitic conduct
of the government, lending itself as an arm of the monastic
corporations, hurts the sentiment of the country and the true
interests of the Mother Country. The people are undeceived; they see that they are isolated; that the
government does not protect them, that it is afraid of its enemy
towards whom it is complaisant. The people doubt, hesitate, their love
for Spain threatens to go out, their hope in justice weakens, they are
tired of extending their supplicating hands. Be careful The people fight the friars; if the government puts itself on their
side unconditionally, it becomes the enemy of the people, it admits
that it is an enemy of their progress, and then the government itself
will have opened a new and unfortunate era! To try to plunge the Filipinos into darkness and brutalize them is
materially and morally impossible. Our enemies can preach from their
pulpits, go to the extreme in all kinds of measures—imprisonment,
banishment, censorship, prohibitions, investigations, searches,
etc.—but they will not attain their objective. The educated
Filipinos, the liberals, who increase every day thanks to
persecutions, and we the Filipino youth in Europe who have dedicated
our strength to the benefit of our country, we guarantee it. Madrid, Spain Inspired from Luna's speech: We have all come here to this banquet to join our wishes, in order to give form to the mutual embrace of two races that love one another and like one another, morally, socially and politically united for a period of four centuries so that they may form in the future one single nation in spirit, in their duties, in their views, in their privileges. They could simulate another uprising, like that of Cavite, and cut off
the throats of so many educated heads, but from the blood thus spilled
will sprout more numerous and fresher shoots. Before the catastrophe
of 1872 there were fewer thinkers, fewer anti-friars. They sacrificed
innocent victims and now you have the youth, women, girls, embracing
the same cause. Let the hecatomb be repeated and the executioners
shall have sealed their own sentence. No; be undeceived, those who are obfuscated. It is necessary to attend
to the needs of the people, if it is desired to keep their love. The
Filipinos can neither be blinded nor enslaved… There is no example
whatever in history that says that a people in the process of
enlightenment can be made to go backward. Decadence does not come
until after apogee; a cascade does not go up, a fruit does not become
a flower again. To conclude we shall repeat: There is much demoralization among the
Filipinos. The boasted ministers of God and propagators of light ! have not sowed nor do they sow Christian moral; they have not taught
religion but
rituals and superstitions. The people, that they want to call child,
have had bad teachers, they have learned bad examples: Like teacher,
like pupil. To blame are the government that allows it through weakness, the
people through ignorance, and the good who fold their arms through
selfishness and wrap themselves in desperate silence. This
demoralization cannot be corrected by sealing the lips of the accusers
such as La Voz de Espana desires, but by the government inquiring into
the cause, persecuting criminals, and may he fall who should fall! Does the government want to be assured of the love of the Philippines?
Give her LIBERTY, treat her as she deserves. Does it want to lose
her? Then continue the unjust repressions, close its ears to the
clamors of the people, condemn them to slavery. Give liberties, so that no one may have a right to conspire, and
deputies, so that the complaints and the grudges are not condensed in
the bosom of the families and from there become the cause of future
tempests. Treat the people well, teach them the sweetness of peace so
that they may adore and maintain it If you continue the system of banishments, imprisonments, and sudden
assaults for nothing, if you will punish the people for your own
faults, you will make them desperate, you take away from them the
horror of revolutions and disturbances, you harden them and excite
them to fight. In the Philippines there is no filibusterismo yet, but there will
assuredly be a terrible one if the hallooing continues: If you want
the dog of your neighbor to get mad, make it known that it is mad.
What more filibusterismo is there than the filibusterismo of despair?" The friars and the noble classes are fighting using their own philosophies which destroys the image of mother Spain. This is a warning for the friars because the Filipinos are
quite aware of their sufferings. The Philippine government cannot progress because the people fight the government and the friars. The government can try all torture to the people but they will not stop fighting thanks to the Filipino youth in Europe or "La Liga Filipina" If the government keeps on executing rebels, there will be a time that the government officials themselves will be executed. Until there is no cause to fight, the people will not fight. The Filipinos are so demoralized (Hesitant) to fight because their friar teachers instill them with fear. This hesitation can't be cured by just not saying something. The government will not know its own weakness. If Liberty is given to the Filipino people, there will be peace and everyone will not have any complaints. Torturing Filipinos will give more bloodshed to both sides. * Addressed to the Philippine
government and Spain. * Rizal used it for good by fearing the government to stop giving fears to the Filipino people. * This article is applicable to the Philippines today. But corruption will replace torture. Instill fear on those corrupted officials! If an enemy of the government appeared, He is full of despair.
(He is referring to himself in this phrase).
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