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Have you ever tried to drop some water on a hot pan?

The Leidenfrost Effect!

Giacomo Inzani

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Have you ever tried to drop some water on a hot pan?

Have you ever tried dropping
water on a hot pan?
In Leidenfrost's footsteps
by G. Botti & G. Inzani
The Leidenfrost Effect
When a drop of liquid comes in contact with a very hot surface! An insulating layer of steam is created under the drop.
Mr Leidenfrost
Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost was a scientist who lived in Germany in the 18th century. He discovered the Leidenfrost Effect and described it.
Studied the effect, our
led us to create new
We did it!
Leidenfrost's spoon
A drop absorbs the heat of a red-hot spoon over a Bunsen burner. A modern version of Leidenfrost's experiment.
The shape of the drops
The drops only take certain shapes!
Looking for a law
A camera and a special thermometer allowed us to investigate relationships between the lifetime of the drops, the temperature of the surface, the internal temperature of the drops, the type of liquid and the size of the drops.
The inclined rail
To quantify the friction of the drops, we have created our version of the inclined plane.
Comparison between the motion of drops and a ball.
In the future...
We want to expand our project to include liquid nitrogen, and we want to study the shapes and cohesion of drops.
Thank you for your attention!
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