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Industrial Revolution Day 3

No description

Matt Baker

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution Day 3

Industrial Revolution Day 3
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Laptop
- Shark Tank Sheet

- I can finish my Shark Tank Project
- I can analyze the rise of automation

What could be a potential outcome of the Industrial Revolution according to George in "Progress & Poverty"?
Having robots/machines do the work of humans
auto - By itself
Mation - Moving/movement
- Cut and paste the two automation infographics into your "Gilded age Infographic" Page
- Next to the infographics, answer the following question:

HOw is automation a threat today?
What impact could Automation have on us in the future?
Google Class
- Go to the Google classroom
- Read the article
- Answer the question
Work Time
You have the rest of the class to work on your project

We are presenting tomorrow so make sure you are done

Grade yourself on the rubric when you finish

If you finish early, read "The Great Gatsby"
Google Class Questions from Tuesday
- Answer in a complete sentence
- It isn't enough to just take a quote from the article, answer the question or if you use the quote, explain it.
- Explain what you mean. "Yes he agrees" is not a complete answer.
Class COnduct
- Don't leave a mess
- Phones
- Side conversations

- Get your laptops from your homeroom
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