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The Inferno Circle 5: Wrath and Sullenness

No description

Audrey Hull

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of The Inferno Circle 5: Wrath and Sullenness

Dante's Inferno Cantos 7-9 Circle 5: Wrath and Sullenness Parliamo Italiano "sotto 'l velame de li versi strani"
-under the veil of strange verses Modern Day Wrath and Sullenness Lines from the Text Canto 7: 8-9

Canto 9: 61-100 Allusions (cont) Allusions The Sinners: Contrapasso The Wrathful: Forever fighting each other The Sins Wrath and Sullenness are two variations of the same deadly sin: anger. THE RIVER STYX - One of 3 rivers in the Inferno DIS PHLEGYAS FILIPPO ARGENTI FALLEN ANGELS MEDUSA AND THE FURIES THESEUS AND HERCULES HEAVEN'S MESSENGER -Wrath is anger that is expressed
-Sullenness is anger that is repressed -Takes Dante and Virgil across the Styx to Dis -What Dante reaches once he crosses Styx
-Separates outer and inner circles of hell
-Gate is guarded
-Holds circles 6-9 -argues with Dante and tries to capsize his boat -Former angels who sided with Lucifer in a rebellion against God -Defend Dis -Cast out of heaven -Monstrous demons -Gorgon sister and "daughters of night" -represent sins like obstinacy, doubt, heresy, and pride -Virgil prays for saving from the fallen angels -sends demons away so Dante can enter Dis -reminiscent of Christ and Hermes/Mercury -living men who also went to Hell and returned - A foul marsh - Encompasses the whole fifth circle -First big division of Hell -Boatman Yet More Allusions ERICTHO THE HARROWING OF HELL -Lucan sorceress -summoned Virgil to lowest circles to retrieve a soul -specifically the damage to the gate of Dis -political enemy of Dante The Sullen: Sunken beneath the waters of the Styx -ripped to pieces by sinners -one of the wrathful Arrival at the Gate of Dis -The "Ultimate Evil" -sent from Heaven
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