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The Aztecs

Why the Emporer should explore the Aztec empire...

Olivia Waller

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of The Aztecs

The Aztec Empire And why we think it should be explored The Daily Life of the Aztecs School for kids was mandatory. Birth of babies was a big deal. Both the birth of boys and girls were celebrated.
The Aztec's nobles had slaves, but they were not captured. They were part of the Aztec's empire as people.
People had to have amazing behavior and any misbehavior would be disciplined. If commoners broke the law they were killed instantly.
They have matchmakers for all weddings and the matchmakers were usually old woman. Bride and Groom would not know who they were marrying before the wedding. Men at the age of 20 would marry a girl in the age range of 14 to 16.
The upper class was clothed in feathers and embroidered cloth to show their status in the empire. An important thing to this culture was the dressing up like gods. Many people impersonated deities, and the people who did so were called "ixiptlatli". Eventually the people who impersonated gods were killed.
The Aztecs had many gods who controlled different things; most of them were agriculture gods because farming was important to them. They thought that you had to give sacrifices to the gods to keep them happy, and keeping them happy meant avoiding disasters.
The sacrifice they gave them? Human lives were often taken, and otherwise the people were put into intense pain. The Legend of the Five Suns Important Aztec Traditions (Or how the world was created.) The worship centers were pyramids that were normally in the center of the town. The pyramids had stairs going up the side all the way to the top where there was a flat block on the floor. They used this block to sacrifice people, as well as the rest of the temple to worship their gods. Each temple stood as tribute to one or two god/goddess. The Worship Centers The Aztecs believed that the Earth was created by a god who was both male and female. They think that he gave birth to the four directions, and that the four directions created the rest of the deities.
One of the gods had to sacrifice himself into a fire to create a sun, and with that he also created the first world. It was populated by giants, and was destroyed jaguars.
When the second world came about it was inhabited with humans, and was destroyed by floods and hurricanes.
The third world was mainly water, and still populated by humans. The world ended when a god made it rain fire.
The fourth world was filled with humans, and was destroyed by a great flood.
By the time the 4 worlds had ended the fifth world was filled with creatures because any surviving humans were turned into animals. The fifth world was the one the Aztecs were inhabiting, and they thought they had to please their gods or else they would remove the sun from the 5th world's sky, and kill all of the humans. So, basically the Aztecs thought the world was made on a create/destroy basis. If they didn't please their gods, they would all die. You could use this fact while trying to explore the Aztec Empire by appointing yourself a god. See? They don't just go around mindlessly killing people. You would most likely not be sacrificed if you explored here! Just please don't try to impersonate a god by dressing like them. The fact that they can build temples like this means that they must be pretty advanced. We might be able to pick up a few tricks from them to make our life easier. This shows that the Aztecs are smart people. You wouldn't want to explore an area with people that are going to be of no help to you. They might be almost as civilized as we are. The Aztec number system was a base 20 (vigesimal) system. The notation used was dots and glyphs. A series of dots (kernel of corn) represented the first nine numbers. Ten was represented by a diamond. Twenty was represented by a flag, different feathers stood for hundreds, and a bag of cacao beans represented 8,000. Ancient Aztec religion was a complex interaction of gods, dates, directions, and colors. Aztec religion was focused on how the gods, humans and nature were interconnected. They were observers of nature in all of the cycles: the stars, the passing of the seasons, the birth and death of plant and animal life. The Major Aztec city was Tenochtitlan, which is nowadays Mexico city. They were surrounded by mountains and they literally lived in the middle of the lake. To the south they had grassland that they fought many battles on. About 200 miles to the east was the coast upon which you could land on to explore. There were two calendar systems used by the Aztecs. The first was the solar year, or the 365 day cycle, which was divided up into 18 months of 20 days each, with 5 leftover days (called "Nemontemi") which were deemed to be bad luck. The second calendar was a 260 day cycle made up of 20 day signs (named mostly after aspects of nature), and 13 numbers. These two cycles can be represented schematically as two intermeshing "gears" The Aztec created the 360 day calendar. The calendar to the side is about 3 feet thick and about 12 feet in diameter and weighed about 25 tons or 30 metric tons. This is a video of a typical Aztec sacrifice. The climate was hot and humid and got lots of rain too. Besides having mountains, they also had deserts, plains, and jungles included in the terrain. The Number System Counting can be beneficial. We could teach them to use our number system. It would help spread our culture. Aztec Calendars Keeping track of time is also important. We could teach them how to make paper to keep track of their dates! These are some of their calendars. Aztec Religion Aztec Calendar Just think for a moment. If they had this great idea, what else might they think up? Don't you want to know? The Major City They built a city on a lake. How come we don't have a city on a lake. I think we should go there, just to get help with building.
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