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Java FX on Java Island

No description

Gion Kunz

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Java FX on Java Island

on Java Island F3 for Java “Form follows function” Chris Oliver from Sun developed F3 back in November 2006 Declarative Java scripting language with static typing Making GUI programming easier in general Competes with Macromedia Flash/Flex/Open Laszlo, Adobe Apollo, Microsoft WPF/XAML, Mozilla XUL etc. Java FX 1.0 December 4, 2008 First Java FX SDK from Sun Java FX 1.2 June 2, 2009 Beta support for Linux and Solaris Skinnable CSS controls Built-in controls and layouts Java FX 2.0 October 10, 2011 From script to Java FXML / XML Binding Hardware acceleration Drop of JavaFX Mobile HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript rendering with WebKit Port Java FX Java FX 2.2 August 14, 2012 Available on all platforms HTTP Live Streaming support Touch events and gestures Native Packaging Became part of JDK 7 update 6 What is Java FX? Rich Client GUI Animations = Instant availability on over 3 billion devices! Runs on many different platforms that support Java.... ....and supports different deployment methods.... JNPL (Web Start) Java Applet Embedded Native Bundled Application Layouts Anchor Pane Border Pane Flow Pane Stack Pane Grid Pane Tile Pane Components Styling Easy styling with Java FX CSS Endless possibilities with custom css properties like -fx-blend-mode and others Similar layouts like Java Swing Nest Panes as you wish Big component library with all basic UI components Bind component properties with Java FX Bean API Transitions Transition API to do programmatic animations Possibility to nest and combine animations using ParallelTransition and SequencialTransition Timeline Program a timeline and work with key frames Create animations with Java FX bean properties in key frames Create animations with Java FX bean properties in key frames Others Multimedia HTML5 Observe Java FX Bean API with bean properties Playback of many different media files (Audio: WAV, AIFF, ACC, MP3 and Video H.264/AVC, FLV) HTTP Live Streaming Support Integrate HTML5 content or embed whole internet sites Using webkit port to render HTML5 and CSS3 Observe and react with UI changes Configure Write the whole UI and layout with FXML Bind and Inject configured elements FXML injection Adoption by sun but same as F3 How is it built? JavaFx Public API Quantum Toolkit Glass Windowing Toolkit Media Engine Web Engine Prism Java 2D Open GL Direct 3D Java Virtual Machine How can we use it? Environment Integration OS IDE Build Ant works great with JavaFX Java FX is OS indipendent and works on all platforms As Java FX is part of JDK, all IDE's will work DSL Support ScalaFX - Scala binding for Java FX GroovyFX for the Groovy folks Client / Server Use REST web service and build client with Java FX Exadel Flamingo for Java FX <-> Java EE, CRUD, Offline handling Workflow Native libraries for Glass Windowing Toolkit are built for all systems and 32 bit / 64 bit Eclipse (e(fx)clipse) and Netbeans support FXML binding Maven can be configured to work with JavaFX and manage the dependencies Use remote EJB UX / UI
with FXML Implement Business Logic Design FX CSS Integrate Components Future of Java FX? Java FX will be fully open source in the future as OpenJFX Port and legal work for getting JavaFX to iOS and Android is ongoing Successor of Java Swing? Yes! Embedded systems like Blueray player etc. ? questions
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