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Camp Nathanael Marketing Strategy

No description

Hannah Juhnke

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Camp Nathanael Marketing Strategy

Camp Nathanael Marketing Strategy
Hannah Juhnke, Grace Thomson, Adam Hendren
Proposed Strategy
Online Presence
Program Optimization
Relationship Management
Competitive Analysis
Program Analysis
Survey Analysis
Current Marketing Strategy
Brand Identity
Current Need
Increase brand awareness and attendance rates
Online Presence
Social Media
Current Marketing Strategy
Advertise via...
Church visits
Word of Mouth incentives
Brand Identity
"Where Adventure Meets Faith"
What Makes you different?
Training Godly Men
Constructive Mentoring
Wilderness Survival
Unrivaled Adventure
Leadership Training
Camp offerings...

Model Rockets
Mountain Biking
Keep it simple.
Target Audience
Young boys
Limited time, short attention span
Make an impact.
Tell a story
Highlight camp Nathanael's strengths
Messaging Strategy
Tagline: "Where adventure meets faith"

Mission:"Raise up young men to be Christ-following leaders for his kingdom"

Industry Built on Relationships
1. Send Church Information
Cost effective brochure
2. Contact Church to present
Show promo video
Speaker - previous camper
3. Follow up with incentives
Relationship Management
New Hope Church
SLP Evangelical Free Church
First Baptist Church Cambridge
St. Louis Park Free Church
Five Oaks Church
FFC Hudson
Founded in 1962
Located in Hinckley, MN
1. Rappelling and Climbing
2. Woodworking
3. Swimming
4. Wells Fargo
5. Target Shooting
6. Survival
7. NonCom
8. Ziplining
1. Better Food
2. More Bible related activities
3. Fishing Restock
Word of Mouth
Zero campers heard of Camp Nathanael through newspaper.
Low performing programs
High performing programs
Program Attendance
Areas of Strength
Competitive Pricing
Offers Wide Range of Activities

Areas of Weakness
Less Camp Programs for campers to choose from
Only Males attend camp

The current image doesn't seem to depict what Camp Nathanael is truly about
Great area to use the camp video!
Images of camper/counselor interaction
Link images seem a bit outdated
Great area to link new media accounts (Instagram/Flickr)
Website theme doesn't play off of same "rustic" camp image
High Performers
Father son camps
Stockade half week camps
Stockade/Battalion mix week III
Style of font is doesn't seem very fitting
August; highest attendance rates
Due to - summer sports programs, camps offered by schools
This section is a bit "wordy" and should possibly be placed in the "About" section
Offer high performer camps in August
Use slow seasons to offer church partnering events
Cut low performing programs
Add programs to compete with industry
Extra space on left hand side could be utilized to promote events happening at camp throughout the year

Good consistency with posts!
Update Facebook profile image to the camp logo in order to optimize traffic
Gorgeous Image From Blog!
Could use Instagram and Tumblr to portray pristine images and blog
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