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totalBarça (totalBarca.com)

The story of totalBarça...

Bryan ~

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of totalBarça (totalBarca.com)

This is our story...
Welcome to
Our community began in September of 2009
Josep "Pep" Guardiola was Manager of FCB
Joan Laporta was President of the Club
FCB were reigning Champions League winners
totalBarça was just getting into its groove
What started out as a simple blog
Turned into a passionate fan community where people can
A place where all culés could call home
Meet fellow fans
Get to know players
Learn more about the club

Today, we focus on providing all those
having an interest in FC Barcelona with...
English content
Videos and images
Interviews and translations
Special features and stories

Wait, there's more
Live match chats
Contests and giveaways
Match and player analysis
Opinion pieces and humour
We're very surprised (and proud)
with how totalBarça has grown
so much to share
so much to learn,
But there is still so much to do,
We know there's more...
The team at totalBarça is very unique
Dedicated volunteers
Talented content developers
Loyal FCB supporters
From all around the world

Team of over 25 people
Balanced between females and males
Between ages of 15 and 55
Jocks, nerds, moms, dads, sitters, squatters
Want to know more?
Oops, dipped into Mr. Blaugrana there
Another piece that makes totalBarça unique
The piece that we are most excited about
We are a socially responsible organization
Our goal is to steadily contribute to UNICEF
Indeed, just like our beloved FC Barcelona
As we work towards our dreams
We look forward to your experiences with us
And until the next victory,
keep it here...
Your destination for everything Barça.
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