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Nimitz School Rules

No description

Kerstin Johnson

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Nimitz School Rules

Nimitz School Rules
Presentation Objectives
* To review basic rules and procedures at Nimitz.
* To ensure we all behave in a respectful, safe way at
* To make sure our learning environment is supportive
and successful.
Rules and Routines
General school rules:
- Treat all adults and students on campus with
respect in your words and actions.
- Walk.
- Share and take turns.
- Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

When in doubt, ask an adult!
Recess and Lunch Rules
1. You must raise your hand to be dismissed from the lunch tables. Clean up after yourself by throwing away your trash and returning the balls to the cart.
2. Running games are to be played on the grass only.
3. Bathrooms are private areas and should not be used for play of any kind.
4. Rocks, sticks, grass, and tanbark are to remain on the ground and never should be thrown.
5. Do not carry playground equipment in the lunch line.
6. Include everyone in your game.
7. Follow game rules (soccer rules are established). If anyone does not follow game rules, tell an adult.
Zero Tolerance
Teasing, unsafe behavior, bullying, and harassment will not be allowed at our school.
How you can support Nimitz
1. Model the rules and expectations for the younger students.
2. Teach younger students how to play a game.
3. Become a Ball Monitor or member of
Valet (Safety Patrol).

General Expectations
1. Take care of yourself.
2. Take care of each other.
3. Take care of our school and

What does #2 look like to you?
Pair Up....
The partner sitting closer to Miss Ito talks first.
Ball Monitors

You will be assigned for week. If you are interested, please see Ms. Johnson.
Valet students will be responsible
for helping out at the drop off lane,
opening the door and greeting
students and parents. You will also
put up the flags each morning and take them down each afternoon.

You will be assigned to a week, and
need to be at school by 7:50 AM.

If you are interested, please fill out the application and return it to Miss Ito.
Ball monitors will be responsible for taking out the ball cart and hanging the tetherballs each day by 10 AM. Ball monitors will also take the ball cart back to the GLC after lunch.
In Class
Listen respectfully to whomever is speaking, whether that is a teacher, another adult, or a classmate.

Complete your work to the best of your ability.

Work collaboratively, by asking thoughtful questions, responding politely, and engaging in healthy discussions.

Before School
If you arrive before the 7:50 AM bell, sit at the lunch tables. When the bell rings and a teacher is present, you may play on the playground or blacktop.

Your homework should be completed.

All students should be at school, in line, by 7:58 AM.
If I see someone bullying,
what do I do?
Tell an adult right away.

Be an upstander- remind the person that teasing and bullying are not
allowed at our school!
1.When referred to the office, a note will be sent home. It must be signed and returned the next morning. Parents will be called.
2.Consequences may include:
*Community service (mentoring younger students, trash pick-up, take out recycling, office help, facilitating games for younger grades)
*Loss of privileges like assemblies or class parties
*Restricted boundaries
*Limited choices
*In School Suspension
*Home Suspension
# Students must stay on the grass,
blacktop or track.
# Play behind the yellow line.
# Do not play between portables.
# Balls must not be bounced against
classroom walls.
# The trees are off limits.

After School
When you are dismissed, please leave school safely. Use the crosswalks.
Follow bike safety laws
At the end of recess...
When the bell rings, come to the blacktop and take a knee.

Listen quietly for the whistle.

When you hear the whistle, WALK to your line. Do not bounce balls or hit the tetherballs.
Eating Lunch
Only eat what your family packed for you or what you got from hot lunch- no trading or sharing food.

Clean up after yourself.

Raise your hand to be dismissed.
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