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What makes us great!

No description

Kim Oni

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of What makes us great!

Our Values allow us to take flight...




Know more about a great place to work!
...And we have offices in several countries across the globe!
Let your potential fly with kgb!
Our Mission
To solve problems - big and small - for consumers and businesses, every single day, with urgency and care.
Our Vision
To be the best company at providing essential solutions, anywhere and anytime, so that our customers can focus on what they do best... making every day better.
...We care about the world we live in and we utilise our values to support society and our local communities...
...We promote our culture through our vibrant magazine, online blogs & intranet...
...For more than 20 years, kgb has been successful in building brands and developing people...
...Our Learning & Development team have a range of dynamic learning opportunities designed to grow and nurture talent within our business.

Opportunities such as...
...And our Competencies guide us on the path to success...
Shaping the Business
Business Acumen
Courage & Conviction
Customer Insight
Inspiring Others
Visionary Leadership
Building People Capability
Organisational Collaboration
Driving for Results
Disciplined Execution
Accountability for Excellence
Impact & Influence
Management Forum
Leadership Forum
kgb Talks
At kgb, we have our very own TED TALKS!

Each month, our leaders host inspiring discussions that bring our mission and vision to life.

It's an opportunity not to be missed!
Know More Magazine
Our Magazine is distributed across the world showcasing our people, our achievements and our direction.

We give our colleagues the opportunity to become reporters and share their stories.

Know More is made for our people, by our people.
Global Town Hall
We may be global but we still make time to talk.

Our Global Town Hall brings colleagues together from all corners to discuss our challenges, progression and future.

kgb Insider
Get the inside scoop from those at the centre of the action!

Our network of bloggers have produced over 300 blogs to date... from our incredible charity work through to inspiring development opportunities, there's something for everyone!
Charity Fundraising
We understand the importance of fundraising for our charity partners and we have embarked on a variety of activities to support people across the world.

Time is just as valuable as our fundraising and our colleagues venture into the community to offer a hand at every opportunity!

Here are some of our amazing volunteers Bucket Collecting, donating Christmas Gifts and Decorating one of our Charities offices!
Our brands are market leaders in their industry...
With a focus on developing our people we have been able to recruit 35% of our Management positions from within kgb!
kgb Academy
The kgb Academy is intended to develop our Team Managers by delivering skill-building classes on Coaching, Conflict Management, Effective Communication, and Emotional Intelligence, as well as facilitating informative sessions on Quality, Resourcing/eWFM, and HR practice (amongst other skill topics).
Global Engagement Survey
Our people are our foundation and our success is a result of their engagement.

We regularly ask our employees to participate in our global employee engagement survey which helps us to measure their perception of different aspects of the business.

Our employee responses are factors that we consider as we make key business decisions.
We embrace our diverse culture and know how to have fun!
We've given you an insight to what makes us great and we're ready to become even greater...

Are you ready?
High performing Managers are selected each year to take part in one of three Management Forums, delivered in locations around the world.

Our three day programme includes a range of engaging skill building workshops, project work, group presentations, business updates and experiential exercises; all designed to develop our people further.
The Global Leadership Forum is designed for Senior Managers, Directors and VP’s with exceptional performance.

The three day programme includes experiential exercises, panel discussions, and group presentations, ensuring our top talent have all the tools necessary to lead the company and its employees to future growth.
kgb University
We develop the competencies of individuals and teams by creating company-led training initiatives and encouraging self-directed learning through a variety of tools.

Our goal is to support the creation of an innovative workforce, one that is capable of achieving high-performance and who embody the kgb values of performance, perseverance, innovation, integrity and agility.
We never surrender. Our continued perseverance means we have a clear focus, and we do not give up. Our passion is demonstrated through our brands, and makes us powerful as we stay true to the proposition we consistently deliver to our customers.

We have all helped to create a culture that values finding the right information as it's needed. What makes us different from the competition and highly successful in the marketplace is our optimism and our unshakable belief in our continued success.
We try new things. We are a company of innovation.

In our products, in our service delivery, and in our marketing, we have not been afraid to bring new ideas to the table, ideas that challenge the status quo and shake up established market leaders.

That we are pioneering new services says something about the way we look at the world.
We get things done. We are a performance-based company.

Our willingness to work hard in a tough, competitive environment means the combined efforts of our personal success have made all of our brands stronger.
We are true to our core. Millions of people trust us to provide them with accurate information.

With trust we have credibility. Trust is something that is earned, and something that can be lost.

We never underestimate how important our integrity is... from the products we develop, to the services we deliver to our customers. Trust will always be a very important element of our success.
We can adapt. Forces of change come to us in many forms and from different places. Our personal and team agility is key to the speed of our innovations and competitive advantage.

What we do well is anticipate and relish change, think laterally, work flexibly, and generate confidence in each other during times of turbulence.

Our ability to initiate and deliver on new ideas in the face of uncertainty allows us to keep ahead in our respective markets.
Visit http://www.kgb.com/careers
to start your journey.
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