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Pierce Brosnan

No description

Alexandre Chaillou

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Pierce Brosnan

Work Experience
Personal life
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Cassandra Harris : 1980
Assistant stage manager : York's Theatre Royal
Pierce shared a Quote
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Commercial artist ?
Lives In
Ireland : Drogheda, County Louth
Pierce shared a Video
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Pierce Brosnan

America : Malibu, California
United Kingdom : Putney, London
Drama : The Drama Centre (London)
Stop school : 15-16 years old
Remington Steele
Mrs Doubtfire
James Bond (1995 - 2002) : 4 movies
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World Is Not Enough
Die Another Day
$4 000 000
$8 200 000
$12 400 000
$16 500 000
Keely Shaye Smith : 2001
1983 : a son
1997: a son
2001 : a son
« I've been very lucky in my life. Very lucky. [...] I have a new life, a new woman, a new baby. [...] It's a great feeling, knowing you don't have to prove yourself or step on tippy toes to be seen or be heard. Just to be comfortable in who you are. »
Mamma Mia!
Percy Jackson
(2010) ...
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