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Sentence Structure by Type

No description

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Sentence Structure by Type

Sentence Structure by Type
Simple Sentences
contain one independent clause
may have a compound subject or verb
may have multiple phrases
Compound Sentences
Contain two or more independent clauses joined by one of the following :
semi-colon (;)
, FANBOYS (coordinating conjunctions)
; Conjunctive Adverb, (however, consequently, similarly, etc)
Independent Clause
, For
Independent Clause
, And
, Nor
, But
, Or
, Yet
, So
Complex Sentences
contain one independent clause and at least one subordinate clause which begins with a subordinating conjunction or a relative pronoun.
Subordinating conjunctions:
since, when, after, before, if, because, while, where, although, after, as, until
Relative pronouns:
that, which, who/whom
Compound-Complex Sentences
contain two or more independent clauses and at least one subordinate clause.
On the nights Day worked, Henrietta and Sadie would wait until the door slammed, count to one hundred, then jump out of bed, put on their dancing clothes, and sneak out of the house, careful not to wake the children (42).
1. When Henrietta arrived there in the forties, the town was booming (69).
2. Finally I saw the New Shiloh Baptist Church, which the newspaper article had mentioned as the site of community meetings about the Henrietta Lacks museum(70).
3. The decision that I made is final.
Stores, nightclubs, cafes, and schools had closed, and drug dealers, gangs, and violence were on the rise (69).
The town was booming
when Henrietta Arrived in the forties.

And when any child came in to buy chips, candy, or soda, Speed made them calculate how much change she owed them; they got a free Hershey's kiss for each correct answer (72)
SLO: Create compositions that use correct grammar, mechanics, and punctuation.
Conjunctive Adverbs
Independent Clause
; however,
Independent Clause
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