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Haley and Diani's Medal of honor project

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lib hist

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Haley and Diani's Medal of honor project

John William Finn
He recived his medal of honor for his actions in World War 11. By manning a machine gun from an exposed position throughout the attack, despite being reaptitly wonded.
Annie G. Fox
Annie G fox was the first woman who earned the Purple Heart for not getting wounded in the japanese attack. She was a nurse and helped most of the injured men.
Santiago Erevia
Santiago Erevia was born in Nordheim, Texsas , in 1945, voulnteering to join the U.S army in San Antonio when he was 22 years old. While serving in the Vietnam war, his counduct resulted in his being presented with Medal of Honor ; While a spe. 4 Erevia he was a telephone operater.He woked as a mail carrier for the untied state postal service retiring in 2002 ater thirty two years of service. erea died at the age of 69.
william klye carpenter
William kyle Carpenter
Haley Rives and Diani Robinson's medal of honor project
All the Medal of Honor recipients have showed valor because they risked everything to fight for our right.
William kyle Carpnter
John William Finn
Annie G Fox
Santiago Erevia
kyle jumped in front of a bomb for one of his bothers and now he has a fake eye.
Annie G Fox
These of these medal of Honor recipient's have showed courage of being brave and joining the army for our country 's rights
Our opinions about these sodliers are that they helped our country fight for rights that we have today.
google images
How all the medal of honor recipients showed honor because they earned the medal for fighting for our country
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