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calentamiento global

No description

Catherine H

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of calentamiento global

Greenhouse Effect presented by
Changjun, Catherine
and Doosun Who is SANDY ? HURRICANE SANDY 1. Sandy was formed : October 22nd, 2012 : October 31st, 2012 2. Sandy was dissipated 3. Highest winds : 110mph (175km/h) : 1,520km 4. Maximum diameter { 1. Deaths 2. Damaged or Destroyed buildings 3. Estimated cost More than 200 in 7 countries
(U.S. including 132 on the U.S.) - N.Y. : 305,000 housing units
- N.J. : estimated 72,000 buildings
- Penn. : 3,000 homes damaged. - N.Y. and N.J. : $71 billion

- Pennsylvania : $360 million (including $9 billion in New York for preventive work) } Then, Why? How to solve it? { MANDATORY VOLUNTARY INFORMATION & EDUCATION } Develop
alternative energies International negotiations on climate change Question Thank You Reducing emission 1.Reducing greenhouse gas emission

2. Developing alternative energies : Wind & Solar power

3. International negotiations on climate change please HESITATE before asking! -Mandatory : Federal & state regulations and bills
-Voluntary : Climate change actions plan
-Information & Education : EPA web site - Financial incentives promoting new energy } Average absolute sea level Sea surface temperature Surface temperature Carbon dioxide emissions { The temperature of the atmosphere The capacity to hold water 1880s 1980s Greenhouse gas
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