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My tips for taking tests.

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chase newell

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of My tips for taking tests.

My first tip. My first tip is to always
where your favorite clothes or
at least comfortable clothes. Tip Number four. Take notes My tips for taking tests. My second tip. My second tip is to think about the question
before you answer. Tip three. Tip three is to always reread the
problem or story or whatever it is.
If you don't have comfortable clothes
how are you going to be comfortable? Sometimes the answer
can even be something
you saw on TV. Stuff like that has happened to me. Also if you don't understand the problem
it is always better the second
time you read it. Notes always help me. Sometimes the answer is right there on the page.
It has helped me a number of times. Clothes Answers Reread I highly recommend taking notes. http://www.edgartownschool.org/uploads/files/gary_smith/5s%20science%20notes045.jpg Works cited page. http://www.edgartownschool.org/uploads/files/gary_smith/5s%20science%20notes045.jpg Image http://www.evo.com/imgp/1500/56872/305234/obey-clothing-clark-button-down-shirt-heather-indigo-front.jpg http://www.evo.com/imgp/1500/56872/305234/obey---button-down-shirt-heather-indigo-front.jpg Image Even if the problem looks easy you
should reread it. It might be a trick. Image http://www.kidslearningstation.com/math/subtraction/images/subtraction-math-worksheet5.jpg http://www.kidslearningstation.com/math/subtraction/images/subtraction-math-worksheet5.jpg Cn5546@Viedu.org Chase Newell Tip #5: The last tip. What to do if someone is cheating.
If someone is looking at
your paper, and you think
that they are cheating you should tell
the teacher. You should also tell the teacher if you see someone cheating
in a different way. I like taking
notes on paper, but some people like to take digital notes. Youtue
video Here is a video about note taking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAhRf3U50lM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAhRf3U50lM.
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