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Heaven is for Real

No description

Yosanny Rodriguez

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real
An incredible story about a little kid who went to heaven and came back to tell the marvelous events that happened in the place that we all question the existence of.
A story written by his father,
Todd Burjo

"Mommy, my tummy hurts."
Colton begins to complain about his stomach hurting and begins to throw up a lot
Has a high fever
Todd and Sanja bring him to the hospital
Diagnosed with the "stomach flu"
Rupturing Appendix
Todd and Sonja suspect that the uncontrollable vomiting might have to do with Colton's appendix
Dr.Timothy O'Holleran prepares for Colton's surgery, appendectomy
After surgery, blood tests reveal Colton's white blood cell count has spiked.
CT scan reveals two more abscesses in his abdomen.
Doctors give up on Colton saying that there is nothing else to do.
Next day, Colton miraculously shows signs of recovery, nurses and doctors are shocked
From that moment and on is when Colton starts telling his 3 minute journey in heaven.
Signs of Heaven
"You were in a little room by yourself praying, and Mommy was in a different room and she was praying and talking on the phone."
"Yes, Mommy, I remember," he said. "That's where the angels sang to me.""

Daddy I saw Jesus...
"Did you know Jesus has a cousin? Jesus told me his cousin baptized him."
Colton claims that he saw Jesus' cousin, John the baptist.
Jesus had "red marks" on his hands and feet, which was actually blood.
He had the most beautiful eyes, wore white and a purple sash, and a crown
Sat in a throne and on the right side of God and Gabriel sat on the left
Everyone in heaven has a light above their head

"I Have A Sister"
"This one's right"
His parents spent 3 years trying to show him various pictures of heaven but none of them, according to Colton, was the man that he saw.
Until, he saw a potrait of Jesus that a little girl, Akiane Kramarik had painted

Colton sees his great grandfather in heaven
Todd shows him a picture of his grandfather when he died of 60 years old
Colton says that is not the man that he saw in heaven
Later on Todd shows him a picture of his grandfather when he was young and Colton says that indeed, that was pop.
Sanjo nor Todd had ever told Colton that Sanja had a miscarriage so how could Colton possibly know that."
Yes. "I was entering through the gates of Heaven," says the real Colton Burpo, "and this little girl came running out at me, and she gave me a hug. Now, when I was younger I wasn't really the hugging type, so I was just sitting here, 'Okay, who are you? Why are you touching me?' And finally she told me who she was, and it was just amazing because she was finally glad someone from her family was up in Heaven."
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