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The Integration of Smart Phones in Healthcare

Objectives: 1. The participant will understand the uses of smart phones in the delivery of care. 2. The participant will identify different ways to protect the patient health information. 3. The participant will be

Ashley Pierre-Louis

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of The Integration of Smart Phones in Healthcare

Drug Reference
Search drugs
Monitor interactions
Monitor contraindications
Access drug calculators
Pill ID
Medical Apps - In Clinic Use
and why we need them
General Reference
What are the advantages?
Clinical Tools
Many accessories for multiple functions
- mobile ECG interpreting app
- mobile single-channel ECG
- digital imaging
- digital stethoscope
• App is an abbreviation for application

• An app is a type of software

• Can be use online and offline

• Can be used on a computer or mobile device
What is an app?
App Symbol
Another Function!
Main Functions!
Current ratio of
smart phone users
In 2013, smart phone users made up two billion people
"Bank Mobile"
APP's advantage
Used for both provider and patient education
HeartDecide: 3D heart visualization app
use: searching
for Internet
Airstrip Cardiology
Mobile ECG - 2 lead
Peek app for eye exams and imaging
In 2018, it will increase to
five billion
81% of US health professionals
own smart phones, 2010
Out-of-Clinic Uses
placing healthcare in patients' hands
High availability
enhances patient involvement in care
able to derive graphs and charts from collected data
fast, realtime data
collection and assessment
- General reference
- Drug reference
- Education
- Clinical tools
- Medical calculator
Translator & Medical
Calculate app by QxMD
Can choose calculator by specialty

Current smart phone users
What is an APP
What kind of APPs?
In-Clinic Uses
Out-of-Clinic Uses
Potential advantages
Thank you
Questions ?
Potential disadvantages
The Integration of
Smart Phones in

Grew to 91% in 2012
What are the disadvantages?
Need to be tech savvy
Baby boomer generation
ease of referrals, smoother EHR integration, more comprehensive care
HIPAA breeches and PPI protection
Infection control
Potential for nosocomial infections
Social Disengagement
patient-provider relationship
- Language translator
AANS Grand Rounds: expert video discussions on neuro surgical techniques & approaches
Medical reference
Medical news
Disease info
CME courses
Drug Formulary info


Diabetes In-Check

Portable BP Cuff

Heartwise BP Tracker

Handheld Ultrasound
Can translate to five different languages

Questions and instruction all playable as audio recording

Organized for rapid focused history

By: Ashley Pierre-Louis, BSN and Wendy Jean, BSN
Dosing can be adult
or pediatric
Can be used for simpler script writing
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