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Greenway Hotels Group

No description

Brian Le

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Greenway Hotels Group

Greenway Hotels Group
International Expansion
Resourcing Approach?
Cultural Differences & HR Implications?
Long-term Strategic Approach?
Hotels in Germany to be opened ON TIME
Parent Country Nationals (PCNs) or Host Country Nationals (HCNs) or Both?
Cross Cultural Differences?
Good Presentation from Groups overall
Need to put it into HR practices
What do we know?
From the U.K., owns >60 hotels
long -term
own 150 hotelsi in the next 5 years
Familiarities with Germany
Lower costs in hiring
Advancement and Promotion
Better responds to Germany's demands
Small hotel acquisition in Germany
Ambitious Target for next 5, 10 years
300 hotels in the next 10
Never owned hotels outside of U.K.
Majority of STAFF will be Germans
Training espcially Cross-Cultural Training
Managers need to fulfill all requirements from Parent company
familiarities with greenway's goals, strategies, policies and practices
technical and managerial competence
effective liaison and communication with Headquarter
Family adjustment
Communication with Head Quarter
Lack of Greenway's knowledge
Ethnocentric Approach to Strategy?
ETHNO Vs. Poly & Geocentric
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