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Career Shadowing Project

School Year- 2009/2010 8th Grade Dara Dziedzic

Dara Chicken

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Project

Career Shadowing By: Dara Dziedzic Peterson Plant Nursery The purpose of this company is
to supply the consumers with all plants and help they can offer. In fifteen years this company will still be a family owned corporation, but will be larger and have more chains. You need the folowing employability skills: 1. Respectful to Others 2. Be Prepared 3. Be on Time 4. Appropriately Dressed Example- If you want to get paid, you will be polite to the customers. They work on a commission. They need a bachlor's degree in business and a bachlor's degree in agriculture. Technology used in this job are the cash register and irrigation. To use the cash register, two computers are connected on the same "line". One controls the customer database and the other controls the purchases. You really would need a "green thumb" and people skills for this job. I do not think that I would pursue a career in this field. I am not cut out for comunicating with people all day. What I like best is how you work wih plants. I do not like how you have to interact with humans and stand up all day.
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