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Street Art, Symbolism, and the Search for Identity

No description

Marina Outwater

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Street Art, Symbolism, and the Search for Identity

Street Art, Symbolism, and the Search for Identity

by Marina Outwater
Oaxaca, Mexico
Who are you?
Where do you fit into the universe?
Can you identify these symbols?
Why are these symbols so easily identifiable to us?
September 11, 2001
June 14, 2006

What do you know about these two dates?
Refer to the 5 W's and H
Do symbols mean different things to different people?
Who are these men? Do you recognize them?
How can easily identifiable images be transformed
or subverted? What statement is the artist trying
to make in manipulating the image or symbol?
What statement do you think the artist
is making by using this image with no text?
What is a symbol?
How are symbols used to unite and divide us?
Who do you think created this chart of symbols?
Why might certain groups of people need to develop secret codes or use symbols to communicate?
Think about runaway slaves
and Jews in WWII
Many symbols are meant to evoke a response or move us, the audience, to act. They are meant to promote change.
Graffiti Walk
in the classroom
about class novel

Design a symbol to represent

Rubber stamp creation
Symbolism in literature
Yolanda Lopez:
Portrait of the Artist as the Virgin of Guadalupe

Pepper Spray Constitution by Hongwan Liu

blue, red, green, yellow
bear, lion, mouse, owl
spring, fall
Natural Elements:
fire, water, air, stone

Personal narrative
using symbolism
Dates can be symbolic too
1) 1492
2) April 9, 1865
3) Aug. 6, 1945
4) Nov. 22, 1963
5) April 4, 1968
6) July 20, 1969
1) Columbus
2) End of American Civil War
3) Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
4) JFK killed
5) MLK Jr. killed
6) Men on the moon
Other Ideas to Further Explore:
Street art vs. graffiti
Individualism vs. collectivism
Going mainstream: Is it a sell-out?
Teachers movement case study
Even an image of a famous
person can be symbolic
His eyes are gone
Their eyes are now covered up by red paint
artwork by Swoon
by Fabian Ciraolo
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