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MDP Presentation

Alpha - Straightners

Mariam Begum

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of MDP Presentation

Alpha Pro This is where the heat protect liquide is inserted. It is compressed within this whole it can be refilled every 10 times of being used. The straightener cannot only straighten hair it can curl hair too, and therefore comes with two attachments, which are a curler and a crimper. Alpha Straightener Product Price The Alpha hair straightener is a unique product, which consists of many useful features, together with an amazing appearance. The Alpha straightnener comes in 5 different colours, which range from green, blue, red, yellow and white. Place The straightener is cordless which can be charged, in which the charger is cordless also as it is battery powered. Water & Shock Proof Promotion Customer Reviews Research Adverts Online Social Networking Website Merchandise E-Commerce Business Card Poster Flyer Thanks For Listening! Any Question? Alpha Hair Products Questionnaire Internet Penetration
Pricing Promotional
Pricing 8 out 0f 10 women who have used our product were satisfied. Products
"My hair responds very well to the Alpha shampoos and conditioners. I also like the fact that Alpha does not use ingredients that are derived, whenever possible, from plants that use hazardous products, such as fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides." Straightener
"I bought this Alpha Pro Straightener a couple of months ago, and it always does my hair perfectly. I love Alpha Pro, as I can straighten, curl and crimp my hair. I can't live without it now. Since using Alpha Pro I have had virtually no breakage and my hair feels and looks very healthy and shiny. I would highly recommend this straightener to anyone out there."
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