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Liberal Pluralism

No description

Corrine Sharp

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Liberal Pluralism

Liberal Pluralism

In a nutshell...
Liberal Pluralism is the dominant perspective associated with contemporary capitalism.

Lets look at the definition on each word:

'Liberal' - individual choice and freedom are seen as a crucial human right.

'Pluralist' - democratic societies allow a range of political views and opinions and a range of political parties between which the population choose in free elections.
Liberal Pluralism Key Points
Liberal pluralist DEFEND the role of the mass media against the charges brought by Marxist critics.
They see the mass media as having a generally positive and beneficial role in contemporary society.
This does NOT mean that believe the media are beyond criticism.
On the contrary, they would expect the media to be the subject of a healthy debate and criticism.

Examples of Political Scandals in the UK
Here are two examples of news reports surrounding politicians in the United Kingdom. The first is a report on the expenses allegations against MP's and the second surround an MP accused of sexual assault.
Liberal pluralist's believe...
The media are completely free to express themselves in anyway they see fit.
The media (especially the press) serve an important democratic function by monitoring the activities of politician and powerful institutions.
Even the most powerful can be scrutinised and brought down.
Liberal Pluralist believe...
The government has the power to intervene to address any problems which might arise in the free market.
They can prevent very powerful companies wiping out the opposition.
The also invest in public sector companies (companies owned by the tax payer) such as the BBC, therefore priorities can be set and decisions made which are not purely based on making profit.
Liberal Pluralists believe...
A democratic society needs an educated and well informed electorate.
The mass media can help ensure that people have a good understanding of the issues when they vote/
The logic of the market place controls quality and value in mass media just as it does in any other industry.
If we're not satisfied with a media product, we 'vote with our wallets' and spend our money elsewhere.
Media companies are constantly looking for gaps in the market - as soon as a new area is identified, a new product will be launched to meet that demand.
A more in depth look...
Let have a look at the videos surrounding the phone hacking scandal that began in 2008 and how this effected the victims.

The Leveson Inquiry published the Leveson Report in November 2012, which reviewed the general culture and ethics of the British media, and made recommendations for a new, independent, body to replace the existing Press Complaints Commission, which would be recognised by the state through new laws.
Andrew, M. & Stevenson, E. (2009). AQA Media Studies A2. Nelson Thornes: Cheltenham.
Blood, K. (2010). The Definitive Guide to Political Ideologies. Author House LTD.: Milton Keynes
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