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Dealing with products

André Pannier

on 28 October 2011

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Transcript of Marketing

Marketing mix
The four Ps
Target market
Should we aim at consumers with
high incomes ?
medium incomes ?
low incomes ?

Should we aim at
the youth market ?
mature consumers ?
grey consumers ?
What image do we want ?
luxurious (for luxury products)
inexpensive and economical (for staple products)
natural, healthy product
attractive smell
sophisticated high-tech formula
old-fashioned and traditional
with sex-appeal
Product categories
Staple products (e.g. basic food and clothes, cleaning products, and personal care products ) = convenience goods = mass market products = low end products
Shopping Products (many clothing products, personal services, electronic products, and household furnishings)
Specialty Products (high-end luxury automobiles, expensive champagne, and celebrity hair care) = luxury goods
Staple products
Shopping Products
Specialty Products
What size should it be ?
What shape should it be ?
What colour should it be ?
What smell should it have ?
What name should it be given ?
What packaging should we use ?
What price is the customer prepared to pay.
It depends on :
its market share
material costs
the product's image
the customer's perceived value of the product.
Where should we sell ?
What retail outlets will we choose ?
Supermarket chains ? Specialist stores ?
Mail order ?
E-commerce (Internet)

Billboards / Hoardings
Newspapers and magazines

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