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Men's Fellowship Report

Men's Fellowship Report

Jared Lee

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Men's Fellowship Report

27th Apr 2010
A group of like minded Brethren-
MF Pioneers
Chan Heng Leong, Lee Foh Leong, John Hoe & Henry Tan (standing ) Francis Sng, JP David , Rev Tow, George Tan & Seow Kim Guan ( sitting )
MF’s Motto

Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others
( Phil 2:4 )
MF’s Objectives
•To serve God and His Church
•To enable Church members to know one another
•Members to use their spiritual gifts for His Church and Glory
•To propagate the Word of God MF Activities

1.Sunday School/Prayer Meeting
2.Monthly Fellowship Meeting
3.Door To Door Evangelism
4.Street Evangelism
5.Yishun Outreach
6.Outing/ Visitation/ Wake
Sunday School
( study the Word of God)

•Every Sunday, at 9.30am
•Prayer Meeting last Sunday of the month
•Sunday School Committee -
Bro Ong BH, Tan TH, Lim SH, John Ching,

To grow in spiritual maturity, and equipping MFers for God’s works
Monthly Fellowship Meeting
( occasionally MF combined with LF )

•2nd Friday of the month, 8 pm;
•Singspirations, encouragement from God’s words
•Guest Speaker / own speaker
•Members sharing/testimony
•Refreshments Evangelism
( MFers join the EB )
•Door To Door ( at Yishun) 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month
•Sub Committee Tan MS, Amos Hoon, Ben Heng, M Sim, D.Chow

Share Gospel, Great Commission, Exercise their faith, good turnout, engage & encourage to join D2D
Street Evangelism ( MFers during Street –E )

•Street Evangelism ( at Orchard Rd) 3rd Saturday of every Month, 6.30 pm
•MFers to join the younger fellowship group
•Meet foreigners, tourists, workers, studensts
•Giving tracts, witnessing for Christ Visitation ( to show our care and concern )

•Home Visitation
•Hospital visits

Sub committee - Lim BH, Seow CK, Teo KG, B Fan & Lee CW
Practical Christian living,
Prayer Items

1. God would bestow His strength, wisdom & grace to the New Exco to serve Him with added seal & strength

2. MFers who are willing to come forward to serve the Lord

3. God will bless our service and His name is highly exalted
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