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The effects of sexual double standards on society

Although sexual behaviors and expectations amoung men and women have evolved over time, the sexual double standard still has an influence on society.

Molly Simpson

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of The effects of sexual double standards on society

MY ARGUMENT: Although the sexual double standard may not dictate the sexual activity of some males and females, it still creates judgments and expectations for both genders to follow. This double standard has shifted to a more conditional standard in which female sexual behavior is viewed in the same way as male behavior under certain conditions. • SEXUAL DOUBLE STANDARD: describes an ethical or moral code that permits greater sexual freedom for men than for women. Female Sexual behaviors have been known to be greatly influenced by the sexual double standard • Most women fall somewhere in between abstinence and choosing to have sex oThe women that lie in the middle but lean closer to not having sex, often use rationalizations or justifications to having sex. Serial Monogamy= uses the rationalization that they’re having sex out of love for their partner o The women that lie in the middle but range closer to having sex participate in casual sex, which is commonly influenced by alcohol or drugs My own life experiences: •There is much more slang among college students today that is directed mainly towards girls than guys. 'Slut'
'Easy' “A key is a master key if it can open a lot of locks and a lock is a crappy lock if it can be open by several keys.” – Aman John K Stud VS. Slut oGuys who are sexually active are sometimes excused or more commonly admired by their fellow male friends.
oGirls who are sexually active are more likely to be looked down on or criticized.
The Walk of Shame •(AKA- The March of Shame)The urban dictionary describes this as the walk across campus in the same clothes as yesterday after you slept with someone and spent the night in their dorm room. The Rule of 3 This can be applied for both guys and girls in many hook up cases, but is not always valid. It emphasizes the sexual double standard and in some cases can help to give a more realistic measure of sexual activity between men and women.
 Because guys may exaggerate the number of sexual encounters that they may have, the number of girls that they supposedly have hooked up with can be divided by 3 to obtain the actual number.

 Because girls usually avoid judgments and decrease the number of sexual encounters they may have, the number of guys that they supposedly have hooked up with can be multiplied by 3 Why has the sexual double standard shifted so that female sexual behavior is viewed in the same way as male behavior under certain conditions? A combination of social awareness regarding safe sex for both men and women What are some of the Reasons for this inequality? Social issues such as unexpected pregnancy, teen pregnancy, STDs and rape are framed using gendered perceptions of sexual behavior Many males are more attracted to females engaging in a low level of sexual activity for commited relationships. But when seeking a quick hook up, many males are more attracted to sexually active females with more sexual experience. Both genders have different ideas regarding the sexual expectations of their own genders Most men believe that mainting high levels of sexual activity boosts their own attrativeness Symbolic Interactionism The conflict paradigm Biology + Society Common Double Standards and Misconceptions for both Men and Women Men are always willing to have sex unlike women
She is expected to be sexually submissive, hes not
She's a dirty girl, He's experienced
She's a slut, he's casanova
She was asking for it, he can't get raped
She's supposed to be virginal, he isn't

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