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A Sound of Thunder

No description

Allan Moore

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder
Ray Bradbury rising action Climax falling action resolution Inciting Incident exposition The year is 2055 an time travel is now
possible! Keith has been elected President. Eckels is going to hunt dinosaurs in the past.
This is when the whole story is introduced. The conflict in this story is man vs. nature. Eckels vs. nature. He steps off the path.

This is the conflict because this is what gets in the way of Eckels objective to kill a T-Rex. They hear the first sound of thunder
as the T-Rex comes into view.

This is the Rising action because this
is what is building to the climax and the
T-Rex is very important to that. They go back to the future to find that everything is completely different. Deutscher is the president.

This is the most exciting part of the story where they find out about how much time is messed up. Eckles finds a dead butterfly in the mud in his feet.

This is the falling action because the protagonist's objective has failed and we don't have a resolution yet. Travis loads the gun, points it at Eckles and there is a sound of thunder.

This is where the story ends and the conflict is relatively resolved. Ray Bradbury He has written 10 novels and over 500 short stories.
He has won nine awards in literature. Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury was born August 22
1920. He died on June 5 2012. He
got his inspiration for writing
when he was twelve. He was at a magic show and at the end of the show the magician pointed the
sword at Ray and told him to live forever. So he started writing
everyday after that. The Protagonist The protagonist in a "Sound of Thunder" is Eckles. His objective is to kill the dinosaur and get home safely. Antagonist The antagonist in a sound of thunder is time.Time is their greatest enemy on their hunt. Travis Travis is a round character. He leads the hunting group into the hunt of the dinosaur. Travis ends up shooting Eckles for ruining history. Important Vocabulary Expendable- Not strictly necessary; capable of being sacrificed without negative effect.

Correlate- To bring into relation.

Paradox- Something that seems illogical, contradictory, or absurd, butthat fact may be true.

Resilient- Capable of springing back into shape or position after being bent, stretched, or compressed.

Primeval- Of having to do with the first or earliest age. Important Literary Elements Foreshadowing: Travis tells Eckles not to be a do-do head or he would have to shoot him.

Symbolism: The other candidate for President symbolizes the Germans in World War II.
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