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Affinity Spaces - MTG: Salvation

No description

Benjamin quinlan

on 23 April 2017

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Transcript of Affinity Spaces - MTG: Salvation

Affinity Spaces - MTG: Salvation
-Web based forum for discussion of many formats of play and avenues of discussion
-Articles on a variety of topics like strategy, lore and play testing
-Open exchange of reflection and deck design feedback
-Nurturing problem solving space which treats players as designers in a web based community
-Content transformed by interaction
-Primary goal was to interact with play testing, feedback and deck building sub-member group

-Also to take part in the spoilers and new card discussions when new set released

-Monitored Magic Market index to watch fluctuations of prices and comment on reasons underlying
The benefit of an affinity space
-Affinity spaces can provide unique specialized feedback
-Affinity spaces allow for social interaction for those unable to find outlets in the real world
-Gathering of statistics and feedback across countries
-Wealth of knowledge and information
Socialization and Critical Feedback
Forums allow individuals otherwise unable to share and give feedback to do so
Allows individuals to connect with like minded individuals
Space for critical feedback in a relatively safe and well monitored space

Deck Building
-Players quick to respond and provide feedback on deck design
-Mostly positive peers
-Established understanding when talking to individuals working on the same deck type
-Statistics regarding win rates and pro/cons VS other decks and match ups followed by in depth analysis of systems and mechanics

Spoilers and Market Index
Community of practice
Rumor Mill, Pricing and Lore Discussion
-Information exchange between players regarding a variety of topics within a realm of novice to expert knowledge
-Play testing and sharing of statistics and game interaction
-Active feedback on deck design and engagement with peers
-Short term lurkers and Magic aficionados and everything in between
-Tacit knowledge informs the explicit knowledge shared
-Feedback to meet challenges in the game and in your local meta
-Variety of (sub-) group membership related to format type
-Crafting of knowledge to meet design hurdles or issues

-Engagement with like minded peers
-Validation of game beliefs
-Other avenues for discussion beyond design
-In depth discussions for individuals to engage with regarding the story of Magic: The Gathering
-Real world interaction through trading of cards and pricing validates the players affinity
-Engaged with affinity space during two spoiler runs from January-April
New card discussion
-Hype motivates sustained engagement with community
-Affinity space based around a game with design as a core element
-Nurtures system based thinking, design and socio-technical engineering
-Largely positive social interaction resulting in strengthening of design concepts and game based learning
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