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English - Rabbit Proof Fence

No description

theodore chan

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of English - Rabbit Proof Fence

Finally Thank you for listening. Rabbit-Proof Fence Relationships between the Strangers White People & Aboriginal People For white People : Savior

For aboriginal people: Invader

Land is not available, the soul and meaningless. Relationship among Molly, Gracie and Daisy. Daisy - Youngest among them. She was obedient and inferior especially to Molly. Being the youngest, she looked up to Molly and was very close to her. The Friendly ones. George and the woman on the ship - Taught them the English names of stars and their adventures at sea.

Martha Jones - Showed them around the settlement

Two Mardu men - Gave them a kangaroo tail, Matches and salt.
"Don't forget now, go quickly" Relationships between the Strangers The Unfriendly one. Miss Evans - "Pulling the blankets off the beds and shaking the girls awake"

Mrs Flanagan - "They'll die for sure. I'll have to report them before they get lost"

Don Willock - Providing food for information Molly - She treated Gracie and Daisy as her own family. She was the oldest of them all. She's protective, caring yet assertive and superior. Gracie - She's younger than Molly but older than Daisy. Inquisitive and opinionated were her characteristics. Relationships between three girls and their parents Parents children Mother: " Why didn't you stop them?" She cried out Maternal love is priceless Her pain is much stronger than the father Father : Standing silently . impassively watched the children being took away. Relationship between White man and black mother Love is justice. So their children should have the equality human rights There was no white women in the dessert, They can only choose aborigines. Thank you.. White People & Aboriginal People Massacre Assimilate Before They love their culture,land deeply.
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