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Fashion in the 1960s

No description

Dalton Delaespriella

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Fashion in the 1960s

Celebrity style Icons of the 60s
The Beatles
The Beatles became popular in 1964 during the "british invasion." The Beatles popularized "mop top" haircuts and styles for men.
Later, they made bright colors and patterned suits popular.
Twiggy is a native of London, and started her modeling career at the age of 16. Her skinny physique,short hair cut, and big eyes and long eyelashes made her extremely popular.
Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot was a french actress. She was a symbol of the emancipation of women. She was often seen wearing miniskirts and walking around barefoot. She made messy blonde hair and cat's eye eyeliner popular.
Female Style
In the early 60s women wore styles from the past decade. Bouffant dresses and beehive hair were popular during this time. Also, the Beatnik was a trend, this trend included tight black pants,berets, and dark glasses. Moving into the mid 60s women started wearing miniskirts and colorful tights.
Female Style- Mid 60s
Space-age clothing became popular during this portion of the decade.These styles included metallics and neon hues. Mini skirts became shorter and prints featured contrasting colors.

Mid 60s Women Fashion
In the mid 60s space age style clothing was popular. Mini Skirts were made shorter and
boots were made taller. These new space age style clothes were worn my modernists or "Mods." The clothing was bright with neon hues and bold geometric shapes and cuts.
Late 60s
The late 60s is when the hippie style started to emerge. Women wore bell bottom jeans, tie dyed shirts, work shirts, headbands and sandals. Some went barefoot and some also went braless. Gypsy style skirts and dresses, bangles and indian prints were also popular.
Women's hair
Women often wore their hair in beehives and bouffants. Bouffants were made popular by the first lady Jackie Kennedy. Brigitte Bardot made messy blonde hair popular. Sharp and Angled cuts by Vidal Sassoon were worn iconically by Mary Quant.
60s Music
Popular Music Genres in the 60s include:
British invasion
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
The Who
Motown R&B
Jackson 5
Marvin Gaye
The Supremes
Surf rock and Psychedelic
Beach Boys
The Doors
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
In the 60s music was primarily listened to live at a show, on the radio, or played on a record player using vinyl 45 or 33 records.
Mens Fashion
Starting the decade men wore what they wore in the fifties but things quickly changed as the decade went on.
Men wore tighter pants and button ups with bigger collars. Suits of bright colors and 'Mod' style was popular.
Mens Hair
Men wore their hair in a variety of different ways during the 60s. Popular styles included the crew cut, Pompadour, and "mop top."
Mens Hippie Style
Final Presidential debate (JFK vs. Nixon)
October 19th - Martin Luther King Jr. arrested at sit in.
October 25th- First electronic watch was sold in New York City

John F. Kennedy becomes president
May 27th- First Black light sold
MLK Jr. and 700 supporters arrested in Albany, Ga
Jackie Robinson 1st african american elected into baseball hall of fame.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated
200,000 people march on Washington in support of civil rights
Martin Luther King Delivers "I have a dream..." speech.
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