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The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

This is a Prezi about the Mystery of History: The Bermuda Triangle. It includes histories, theories, and opinions.

Ashley Hegger

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle
THe Bermuda Triangle Area The "Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Area" is located in the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. This area is one of the most heavily-sailed ship lanes in the world. Ships and planes cross it daily carrying people and/or goods. History
In 1964, VIncent H. Gaddis wrote an article for Agrosy Magazine claiming that many ships and planes have dissappeared in a specific area without an explanation. He used the term "Bermuda Triangle" to define where this mystery was taking place.
After that, many articles and books were published about the mystery. It became known worldwide as "The Bermuda Triangle." FLight 19 Theories THere are many theories regarding why the Bermuda Triangle is the way it is. Here are a few:
The Gulf Stream, which is a powerful, swift, and turbullent ocean current, passes through the Bermuda Triangle.
The Atlantic OCean occasionally has weather storms that take place in the Bermuda Triangle Area, including hurricanes and severe thunder storms.
Some scientists have shown that there are abnormal functions on the seafloor within the Bermuda Triangle, and the oceanfloor suddenly drops in depth at certain points.
Overall people just think the disappearances are mostly cause my pilots/captains making mistakes, and enviornmental causes.

Supernatural Explanations Supernatural Explanations about the Bermuda Triangle are the most attractive to the public. Here are some supernatural explanations on the Bermuda Triangle:
A time warp in the Bermuda Triangle.
UFOs that take the ships and planes.
Sea Monsters that sink the ships.
Death Rays from Atlantis. Atlantis had magic crystals left from it's time that make planes crash or ships sink.

Natural Explanations On top on supernatural explanations, there are some natural explanations. These include:
bad weather
bombs under the ocean from past wars
tidal waves

In conclusion, nobody really knows the answers to the Bermuda Triangle mystery. Some people think it has some special forces in it, like the supernatural explanations, but other people just think it is natural forces. To find out the real story behind the Bermuda Triangle, we will have to wait until scientists discover the causes of ships and planes disappearing, and we do not know when that will happen. Jesus Rodriguez
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