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Controlling Idea Expository

No description

Judy Barry

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Controlling Idea Expository

Explain Controlling Idea
and Specific Purpose in Expository Text

The controlling idea of a piece of

nonfiction is the big idea the author is

is writing about. It is the main idea

the writer wants to

communicate to his or her reader.
Authors have many purposes when they write

such as

inform - provide information about the topic

explain - give reasons why something happened or show how something works

persuade - convince readers of the truth of something or influence them in some way

express - share strong emotions or feelings about something

describe - show how something looks or what it is like

entertain - amuse readers by telling about something humorous
Each main idea or topic

sentence is backed up by

facts, details, reasons,

and even expert

The main purpose of expository writing is to give information or explain something.
Usually the author presents the controlling idea

in the introduction of the article.
Then the author presents the main points that develop this idea in paragraphs . Each paragraph has its own main idea that often is expressed in a topic sentence.
What the article is about
Controlling Idea

overall idea about the topic that expresses the
Main Idea

most important

idea of a

paragraph or

Topic Sentence

sentence that expresses the main idea of a paragraph
facts, details, examples, expert opinions
that back up the main idea
When you read expository text, ask yourself:
What is the controlling idea that the author wants to communicate?

What main ideas does the author use to develop this controlling idea?

What information does the author use to support the main ideas in paragraphs?

When I add it all together, do I think the author did a good job of achieving the purpose?
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