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Copy of Copy of Theme

Explores what themes are, and how we find them in literature

Tiffany Dyer

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Theme

Abstract Noun=
What is this story really about?
What is the message about life?
Theme statements
Topic (Abstract noun) + Author Opinion =
Something you can think of, but not touch
(Use an abstract noun/topic)
Theme asks us to identify:
What you give in life
is what you receive.
Use the topic (abstract noun) and write
a sentence saying what you think the
author is trying to tell his/her readers
about that topic.
Good will conquer evil.
You must fight for the
change you wish to see
What if I'm having a hard time
figuring out what the story is about?
Look at: T2C2
1. Topic: what abstract topic is the whole text about?
2. Title of the Text
3. Climax: the climax will tell you what's important in the story.
4. Changes: What a character learns/discovers
good and evil
Now you!
1. Read the lyrics to a song with your group of 3-4 students.
2. If needed, go through the T2C2 steps with your lyrics.
3. Use one of these topics (abstract nouns) to write a theme statement--what is the
author saying to the audience about that idea?
4. Make a poster that includes:
Song title and artist
Two topics
Theme statement
Two quotes from song that prove the theme

(author opinion)
A day to play
Got washed away.
Rain comes down,
Covers town.
Eyes are sad.
Rain is bad!

Come downstairs.
Get the chairs.
Blankets, sheet,
Looking neat!
Inside forts
Instead of sports
Rainy day tears
Can turn into cheers.
How does the speaker feel at the beginning of the poem? How do the speaker's feelings change?
What could be themes for this poem?
1. Love conquers all.
2. A cheerful attitude can overcome obstacles.
3. Dedication pays off.

How do you know?
Theme: A cheerful attitude can overcome obstacles.
--How do we know??
-The day starts out badly because of the rain
-The speaker builds indoor forts
-The speaker realized that rainy days can still be fun
Can you find the theme?
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