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Tayo Alli

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of E-Portfolio

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Socialising on the Internet Business Planning Evaluation By Tayo Alli 7N1 My E-portfolio Contents Page *Commmunicating on the Internet
*Contributing to the Internet
*Socialising on the Internet
*Law on the Internet
*Business on the Internet
*Evaluation page
*Planning page Communicating Online A social networking site is somewhere that you can communicate with friends, share pictures and videos and get notifications on what your friends are doing.

Good Things- Social Media
-Easy way to communicate
-It's cheap(almost free)

Bad Things- Social Media
-Vulnerable to predators which could lead to abuse.
-You can become a victim of account hacking. Law on the Internet Copyright Law & Copyright Design Patent Act1988

The Copyright Law & Copyright Design Patent Act was made in 1998. It was brought in to prevent people from sharing software that has bought or downloaded.

The Copyright law forbids you from:
-giving a copy to a friend
-making a copy of the software and selling it
-using the software on a network (unless the license allows it)
-renting the software without the permission of the copyright holder

Computer Mis-Use Act 1990

The Computer Mis-Use Act was brought in in 1990 and introduced three new offenses.

1.Accessing computer material without permission, eg looking at someone else's files.
2.Accessing computer material without permission with intent to commit further criminal offenses, eg hacking into the bank's computer and wanting to increase the amount in your account.
3.Altering computer data without permission, eg writing a virus to destroy someone else's data, or actually changing the money in an account.

Electronic Communications Act 2000

The Electronic Communications Act consists of two parts:

+The first regulates the provisions of cryptographic services in the UK.
+The second confirms the legal state of electronic signatures.

The Electronic Communications Act was put in place to give people confidence in using the internet.For businesses that were explanding their horizions online it made signing contracts online less of a risk because any deals made online would be legally binding. It just gave people piece of mind. Contributing to the Internet Business' that start out online or resort to going online have certain advantages to stores on the high street, such as:

+Allows store owners to do business 24/7
+Gives access to a wide range consumers
+Online Banking

It also means that as a customer you can shop from the comfort of your own home and sometimes there is a wider variety of products to browse through.

There are also risk associated to shopping online including:

+Phishing- Pretending to be a legitimate company
+Your details ending up in the wrong hands
+Credit/debit card numbers can be stolen Introduction In this E-portfolio I will present the all of the information I have gathered during the internet module.

There will be information on how to surf and contribute to the internet as well as laws that help protect us from things like virus' and spam. Contributing to the internet is now easier than ever with applications like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Whenever you post a video on YouTube/Facebook or post a tweet on Twitter you are contributing to the internet. In years to come you will still be able to access those photos,tweets and videos. To do this you need :
+Internet Connection
+A laptop/computer
+An account for your chosen website(apply when applicable)

Once you have logged in you can begin contributing to the internet whilst leaving a lasting digital footprint. Ask.Fm, Pinterest, Instagram. These are all social media sites. In my opinion social media sites thrive because they are fun. You are able to communicate with your friends and family and share photo's and information in a quick and easy way. A more basic form of social media are emails but nowadays they are being replace with things like Whatsapp (instant messaging.)

At times social networking sites are fun but there ricks affiliated with using them including:
+An increased vulnerability to pedophiles/predators
+Inappropriate content exposure
+Illegal Activity "Social media essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online."(about.com) The introduction will explain what my Prezi is about and what will be included in my presentation.


Font: Subtitle
Colour:Sky Blue Introduction. Tayo Alli
Prezi My E-portfolio Plan. Title:
Theme; Pastel
Color: Dark Blue

Theme: Pastel
Color: Sky Blue Contributing to the Internet Title:
Font: Pastel Theme, Title
Color: Pale Yellow
Size: The title will be quite big but everything else will be small to medium in size. Title Page Justice Scale
Picture Information on how to surf the internet safely and within the law.

Theme: Pastel
Color: Dark Blue

Color: Sky Blue
Font:Subtitle The Law Amazon/ Ebay Logo Barclays Logo Information on subjects such as online shopping and banking.
Theme: Pastel
Color: Dark Blue

Color: Sky Blue
Font:Subtitle Business V Facebook Logo V Twitter Logo Communication Information on social media and email. It also would have the pro’s and con’s of social networking as well.
Font: Title
Theme; Pastel
Color: Dark Blue

Font: Subtitle
Color: Sky Blue MY EPORFOLIO PLAN The majority of my e-portfolio has gone to plan, although there were some things that I didn't account for like the contents page or the changing of heading titles and color schemes. If I had planned out my e-portfolio to a greater extent then things might correspond better. I think Tayo's e-portfolio is bright and informative. Her slides are spaced out well and easy to understand. I think she could improve by having a more structured look because the frames and fonts are all different colors, but it's good. (Aniqah Bashir 7N1)
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