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Triple Thread Apparel

Learn more about Triple Thread.

Kyle McCollom

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Triple Thread Apparel

Triple Thread reconciles former offenders to society through employment and job-training in the production of quality custom shirts. prison > streets > no income > crime > back to prison prison > home > job > skills > sustainability What is social enterprise? A company that builds social benefit directly into its profit structure Applying market-based strategies to solving social issues. 1. Make quality, custom shirts
2. Employ and teach valuable job skills to former offenders.
3. Re-invest all net profits into a non-profit re-entry house in Nashville, Tennessee called Dismas House. The Three Threads: 2 products Impactful purchase Direct results:
immediate employment
distance from crime Ultimately reduces:
recidivism rates
crime rates
the world's largest prison population
law enforcement costs Quality Shirts at a Competitive Price With a product of similar quality and price, customers will choose to buy from Triple Thread because of the direct impact of their purchase. Initial market Our market research shows that the 350+ student organizations on Vanderbilt's campus purchase 16,000 shirts every year, spending at least $160,000 on custom apparel. Secondary Market 1285 university student groups in the Nashville area
1000 non-profits in the Nashville area
762 businesses in Dismas House's zip code Tertiary Market SEC Universities
Southeast businesses
Southeast non-profits In a survey of student leaders at Vanderbilt, 40 out of 45 responders indicated that they would switch to a social enterprise screen-printing company like Triple Thread if given the option. Barriers to Entry New businesses entering the custom apparel industry must build up a client base - primarily by word of mouth. Facebook and YouTube will be used as a free means of advertising and directly connecting with our customers. A soft launch period will establish a small customer basis from which to build on. A series of discounted orders will draw new customers. Expert Team Market Professors Dismas House Owen Business School's Jim Schorr - Professor of Social Enterprise
Belmont's Jennifer Stoneking-Stewart - Professor of Printing Board of Directors - approved with a subcommittee of the board dedicated to Triple Thread's launch
CEO - Pursuing grants for startup costs, a full-time manager, and a discounted or free location on Music Row near Dismas House.
Project Pyramid Proven methods Professor Jim Schorr, Dismas CEO Bill Coleman, and Vanderbilt student Kyle McCollom will be traveling to San Francisco summer of 2010 to study other successful social enterprises.
Ashbury Images - screenprinting social enterprise that employs at risk youth and brings in $5 million a year.
Homeboy Industries - screenprinting social enterprise that employs ex-gang members and makes $10 million a year. Current funding McFadden's fundraiser - $500 Krispy Kreme fundraiser - $100 Ingram Scholarship Faculty Fellows - $1,220 Total funds raised: $23,820 Corrections Corporation of America grant - $15,000 Mission Statement THE CYCLE THE SOLUTION GROWTH GROWTH Owen School of Management's social enterprise group.
Has offered to connect TripleThread to graduate students who can improve our business plan. VSG Business Plan Competition - $500 DoSomething.org Seed Grant - $500 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment Award - $6,000 Visit us at triplethreadapparel.com
to learn more
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