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FRABELLE foods corporation


Nichol Darren Santos

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of FRABELLE foods corporation

Frabelle Foods Corporation Define phase I. Project Description II. Objective III. Project Scope IV. SIPOC Diagram V. Critical to Quality Measure Phase Analyze Phase Pareto Analysis Fish Bone Diagram Gathering
Data Data Histogram: kikiam vs orlian Process Map and Flow Diagram Improve Phase (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Phase I. Improve Process Map Thank
You! Erestain, John Paul M. 200911279
Famadico, Michael Joshua F. 200911437
Robles, James Bernard C. 200913167
Santos, Nichol Darren P. 200912223
Solis, Dann Angelo C. 200813936 Presented by: The company started as a small fishing company and there onwards the legacy of Frabelle started its main market encompass international regions such as Europe and United States and now to our local seas starting from Navotas up to Mindanao. Devise techniques and strategies and help eliminate and prevent possible problems during productions.
Observe firsthand the process, total quality management and quality control techniques.
Determine the possible causes of common mistakes that often occur in the process. The focus in this plant visit is in the production of kikiam. See how these products processed and what recommendation we can recommend for the improvement of the production. The table below shows the data on the number of defects in each category.
Invest the latest and most sophisticated machines designed for this specific job
Hire regular workers for the development of their skills and expertise to improve man and machine relationship
Conduct TMS (time motion study) to measure productivity, performance of the worker and the machine
Purchased metal detector in terms of the quality of the product
Integrate a thermo controller in their cooking equipment and do a weekly calibration to maintain the temperature.
Organized work area
Training Plan Machine Recommendation IMPROVED FLOOR PLAN
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