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on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of INCAS GAIA


3rd Grade
Ms. Rachel

Inca People
Incas House
Incas' Food
Inca Clothing
Incas' Shelter
Inca Temple
Incas in the past were really interesting because they looked like real indigenous group and they acted like an indigenous group because they are an indigenous group.

Incan people did houses made of big stones or some times with rocks and mud.
Incas eat this type of little rice but they eat it only in the past.
Now they eat food like us.
Inca clothing of the past was all colorful and decorated with jewelry, lots of feathers and colorful little balls.
Incas live and lived in South America in the mountains.
Most live next to the Machu Pichu
Inca temples are really big and Incas did them in the past. Now there are still Temples of Incas that you can go to see them whenever you want.
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