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My family Tree

No description

Marie-Ange Anodjo

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of My family Tree

My family Tree
By:Marie-Ange Anodjo

Father Side
Chief Ehouan-Nanan Bouzouma
Mother Side
Grand PEPE

Nanan Aké(dead)(male)
Ehouan Etchi (dead)(feamle)
Nanan Benie Ahoba(dead)(male)
Nanan Benie Ahoba(dead)(male)
Nanan Aya (female)(dead)
Nanan Emma(female)(dead)
Nanan Aya (female)(dead)
Akassi Kouanlan Ezouman Josephine
Anougbo N'Da François
5 Children
Jean-Alfred Anodjo + Coulibaly Dienaba Dollarah
N'Da Francois Aristide
Aya Nicole
Charles-Audrey Mamadou Magloire
Anan-Manzan Khalissa Marie-Ange (me)
4 Children
Anougbo N'Da François
Aya (Tantie Solange)
Ahoba (Tantie Josephine)
Emma (Tantie Jeanne)
Enaco (Tantie Rose)
Jean-Alfred Anodjo (dad)
Jean-Alfred Anodjo
N'Da Francois Aristide
Aya Nicole
Charles-Audrey Mamadou Magloire Anodjo
Anan-Manzan Khalissa Marie-Ange Anodjo
Coulibaly Mana Dolarrah
Coulibaly Natogoma Dolarrah
Coulibaly Mamadou Dolarrah
Coulibaly Tata Dolarrah
Coulibaly Salimata Dolarrah
Coulibaly Mamadou Dolarrah + Koffie Akissi
Tonton Ibrahima
Tonton salya
Tonton Lacina
Tonton Ismael
Tonton Hamidou
tantie Korotoum
Tantie Mana Dollarrah
Coulibaly Dienaba Dolarrah (Mom)
Coulibaly Dienaba Dollarah
Charles-Audrey Mamadou Magloire
Anan-Manzan Khalissa Anodjo
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