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Social media Honeycomb

An ISW 10 min. mini lesson about the 7 'building blocks' defining social media

jason toal

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Social media Honeycomb

Social media... Get serious! The Honeycomb framework... Jan H. Kietzmann *, Kristopher Hermkens, Ian P. McCarthy,Bruno S. Silvestre Lesson objectives: Identify some of the social media BUILDING BLOCKS listed in the honeycomb framework Business Horizons (2011) 54, 241—251 Propose a social media strategy for your company CHALLENGE: You are a mover and shaker in the business community but sadly behind the times in you internet presence. Your marketing team tells you, YOU NEED A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATGEY Whats your business? Listen to the 7 blocks in the honeycomb framework
Rate each block on relevance to your business
Note relevant sites to add to your strategy WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: The social media ecology... Social media? Get serious! Understanding the functional building blocks of social media Facet of social media user experience
Implications for firms. User experience: Implications: User experience: Implications: User experience: Implications: User experience: Implications: User experience: Implications: User experience: Implications: User experience: Implications: The extent to which users reveal themselves Privacy controls The extent to which users communicate with each other Velocity and the risks of starting and joining The extent to which users exchange distribute and receive content CMS and the social graph The extent to which users know if others are available Creating and managing the reality, intimacy and immediacy of the context The extent to which users relate to each other Managing the structural and flow properties in a network of relationships The extent to which users know the social standing of others and the content Monitoring the strength, passion sentiment, and reach of users and the brands The extent to which users are ordered or form communities Membership rules and protocols What is your social media strategy? Thank you
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