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Opposite Safari

learning about opposites

Rori Garcia

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Opposite Safari

Let's go on safari,
There's nothing to lose.
Remember your camera,
And wear your comfy shoes Opposite Safari We're hunting for opposites Search high and low . The jungle is full of them.
Here we go! A lion stays dry in the hot jungle sun. A hippo thinks being all wet is more fun. A fat elephant takes a bath by the pool.

A skinny snake slithers in shade to stay cool. A colorful parrot is loud when he talks.
A black and white zebra takes nice quiet walks. To the left of the watering hole there's a tree.

To the right there's a leopard who's staring at me. A monkey has lunch right-side up on a limb.
His brother hangs upside-down, grinning at him. A tall giraffe can reach up high. A turtle's so short, he doesn't try. A big lion roars and shows her claws.
Her little one's safe in her strong paws. A parrot flies over the nest he has made.

A rhino stands under the tree, in the shade. A crocodile lurks in a cool hollow log.
His friend, who stays out, is a little green frog. Some coconuts hang on a tree in a bunch.
Some fall off. We'll have them for lunch. The monkeys climp up, the lions lie down. The elephants smile, the rhinos frown. The day is gone, the shadows creep.
And night is here. It's time to sleep.
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