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"Quotation Marks"

Goes over the purpose of quotation marks, different ways to write quotation marks, and allows students practice with quotation marks.

Chelsea Sanders

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of "Quotation Marks"

"Quotation marks!" Ms. Sanders exclaimed.
We use quotation marks to enclose a person's EXACT words
"Taylor Swift is my favorite singer,"
Jennifer stated.
Matt responded
, "Why? She is completely
"She is the voice of our generation!"
Annie cried.

***Speaker Tags!
A direct quote USUALLY begins with a capital letter
aylor Swift is my favorite singer,"
Jennifer stated.
Matt responded
, "
hy? She is completely
he is the voice of our generation!"
Annie cried.
When the speaker tag interrupts the quoted sentence, the second part of the quote is not capitalized.
"This summer," Jennifer exclaimed, "
e should go see Taylor
Swift in concert!"
"Instead of going to see Taylor Swift in concert,"
asked Matt,
hy don't we go see Justin Bieber?"
"That," replied Annie, "
s an even worse idea."
A period or comma is placed inside the closing quotation marks, but outside beginning quotation marks.
“I am hungry
” announced Joe.
Jeff agreed
“Me, too.”
“I think we are having pizza for lunch
” Joe said. “I can’t wait!”
A question or exclamation mark is placed inside the quotation marks when the quotation itself is a question or an exclamation. Otherwise, it is placed outside.
Did you hear him say, "This is not my country"
“How could he say that
” asked Greg.
Now you try!
Mr. X said Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Blah, blah, blah, blah? asked Mrs. X.
Blah, blah, yelled Mr. X, blah, blah!
No quotation marks:
Jennifer said Taylor Swift was her favorite singer.
Mr. X said
, “
Blah, blah, blah, blah

Blah, blah, blah, blah

asked Mrs. X

Blah, blah
yelled Mr. X
, “
blah, blah

How'd you do?
Writing Dialogue – multiple paragraphs
“I loved the Diary of Anne Frank movie!” exclaimed Jessica. “Did you like it?”
“I liked it, but I like The Attic better,” Jane replied.
Fred asked, “Did you know about Anne Frank before we watched the movie?”
“No,” the girls answered.
“The ending was sad,” Jane added.
How m
any paragraphs are above?
Now let's practice quotes!
Get with a partner or work by yourselves.
We're going to be practicing writing dialogue!
Then, write a
between the two, using proper quotation marks and punctuation!
No talking!!!
Stay where you are if you'd like to work with a partner.
If with a partner,
you both
still need to write the dialogue down in your journals!
President Obama
Tony the Tiger
Chuck Norris
Peyton Manning
Eleanor Roosevelt
Mickey Mouse
Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez
Bugs Bunny and Harry Potter:
Bugs Bunny questioned
, "
What's up, doc
Just casting some spells and trying to defeat
Lord Voldemort
Harry replied

He-who-shall-not-be-named, you mean
Bunny exclaimed
Harry explained
, "
I've been working on a really
awesome spell to defeat him
What does the spell do
inquired Bugs Bunny

It will make Lord Voldemort turn into a
responded Harry

"That will make him a lot better looking," stated Bugs Bunny.
Bell Activity!
Take out your journals and on your own, without my help or anyone else's, write a
between yourself and someone you
to just this morning. So you can write about:
You and a parent or sibling
You and a friend talking on the bus or before school.
You and a teacher talking during or before class.
Or, if you're stumped, maybe imagine a conversation between you and your favorite movie character or actor!
Let's Review!
Mr. X said Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Blah, blah, blah, blah? asked Mrs. X.
Blah, blah, yelled Mr. X, blah, blah!
How much do you remember without looking at your notes?
The Basics: What are these and why do we have them?
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