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No description

Joseph Fortier

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Military

When two country can destroy each other using nuclear bomb. They will most likely follow the principle of M.A.D. which means, Mutually Assured Destruction. It encourage the nations to keep on developing/ make more nuclear weapons.
What is the role of technology in military artillery?
Is military weaponry ethical?

What leads to advances in nuclear weapons

The three lines of inquiry
Understanding of scientific knowledge is constantly evolving and has an impact on people's lives.
Central Idea
Military weaponry is both it could bad by using the army to take over a country or it could be good by stopping someone doing bad. Military weaponry is sometimes use to do good but is sometimes has to use violence to do good but sometimes people use military weaponry to do bad thing like like take over a country or threatened someone.

We have made a powtoon to explain the role of technology in military artillery
(Look at the laptop beside)
The first nuclear weapon is created to prevent the Nazi did it first and win the world war 2. After winning the war, the soviet union and the US figured that if they have more nuclear weapons they will stop the other from fighting. It's is called Assured Destruction which is the reason most country develop nuclear weapons.

Did you know facts
Did you that in World war I a German soldier was wounded but the English army was closing in on him and a English soldier saw the wounded soldier. The German soldier saw him but he was too weak to pick up his gun, so the English soldier decided to spare his life but he didn't know it was a big mistake. The German soldier was Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler said '' I was so close to death and i feared that i would never see Germany again."
Did you know that America has enough nuclear bomb to destroy the earth three times .
Did you know that the US military are making laser weapon and now have a laser airplane .
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