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Teaching with Tech

Brown Bag Seminar at Rice University

Ian Ragsdale

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Teaching with Tech

Traditional Corporate Videography Marketing Academic Videography Intangibles Fundraising Research Teaching Learning Sharing Promoting Creating a Brand Communications Employees Customers Teaching with Technology Digital Filmmaking: Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeology Project Jones Graduate School of Business International Trips Recording Guest Speakers Streaming Alumni Events Admissions Recording Events Follies International Partio Diversity Preview Weekend Women's Preview Weekend Student Culture Student Filmmaking Rwanda Argentina China Mexico Brazil India Project Rwanda Student Involvement Documenting Research Reflection Fundraising Promotions Connecting with Donors
and other archaeologists Instructional Videos meeting basic needs internally
while building public face of
the school Special qualities of video Time Personality Change Introspection Malleable Composite Multi-dimensional Sensual Engaging Why video? what terms come to mind? Digital Filmmaking: Teaching with Technology case studies Instruction Media Literacy Reflection Visual and Aural Learning A Form of Expression Promotional fundamentally "communications" goal is to gain/maintain customers external focus internal focus external focus these two directions seem to conflict
when it comes to who is responsible
for providing content Training Role of video New Methods Other Resources Digital Media Center Your Students People Like Me Video
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