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The Sunscreen Portal

No description

Olivia Harshey

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of The Sunscreen Portal

Some feel it is difficult to achieve complete sunscreen coverage with a spray bottle or lotion. Other people feel it takes too long to apply sunscreen so it will protect your skin.
In a place with a high exposure to UV rays from the sun, it is not safe to be exposed to the dangerous levels of it as it can result in a very negative way.
The Sunscreen Portal is designed to cover your body completely in sunscreen before stepping out into the sun. All you do is put in $0.50 and the ring will mist the protection lightly across your entire body. Then, just rub it in lightly and enjoy the sun!
The Design:
How it works
First, enter $0.50 into the box near the portal.
Then, once the sign on the side turns green, step onto the marked designated area.
Next, once the sign turns red, step out of the area.
Finally, HAVE FUN!!
The Sunscreen Portal
The Problem:
A semi-submerged ring with spray nozzles along the inside of the ring. The spray nozzles mist the customer with sunscreen as they walk through the arc. This design is sure to draw positive attention, and is safe in every way!
Designed by: Shea McLinden, Olivia Harshey, and Ryan Self
Closeup of the design
Thanks for viewing!
The sunscreen portal is stainless steel coated in a clear epoxy to protect the hardware from damage that might be caused from the harsh salty air around the beach area.
The inside of the ring is hollow, and it holds a sunscreen reserve that is connected to a tube to transport the sunscreen throughout the ring and into the spray nozzles to be misted across the customer's body.
Front View
Side View
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