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Food development

No description

Marjorie Bakker

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Food development

23564 - Intergrated product development in the food industry Marjorie Bakker By Market Research Young Single Often students Price sensitive Unpredictable The Idea With: The idea with the omelette is that it is a fast serving of a filling everyday breakfast meal. Furthermore it works as a one person meal or meal component. The idea in the omelette is that a shell of egg mass is folded around cheese and bacon. The omelette should be reheated in the microwave oven at home and eaten straight after. The Idea In: Consumers
You (management) Stakeholders Project planning Laboratory Research •2 eggs
•14 gram wheat flour
•67 gram water
•5 gram sunflower oil
•0,17 gram pepper
•25 gram mozzarella cheese
•20 gram bacon Manufacturing process Cost Distribution Profits Expanding the production
Product line
Improving the packaging Adjustment on the recipe Optimization and perspectives
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