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Black Rhino

No description

Georgia Burndler

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Black Rhino

Black Rhino
Information About The Black Rhino
The Black Rhino is a Mammal, Black rhinos are mainly found in grassland-forest ,deserts in south-western Africa and forests in Kenya. The Black Rhino mainly feeds on woody twigs and legumes, and a wide variety of plant species.
What is Being done to protect them ?
All over the world, most of the countries whose habitats support Rhinos have formed Rhino Protection Units to protect them form their main predator; man. The are two types of Rhinos; the White Rhino and the Black Rhino. Black Rhinos are rarer than White Rhinos.
Pictures Of the Black Rhino
Black Rhinos are Endangered
For a long time the Black Rhino has been endangered.
The reason behind their decreasing numbers is because of the European hunters. The recent population counted of the Black Rhino is approximately 5,055.

Created By
Georgia Burn

The Black Rhino acts tough to impress female Black Rhinos. If two Male Black Rhinos like the same female they will fight the other male to impress her.
How does this animal behave when in the wild
How does this animal behave when threatened by a predator
A Black Rhino will try to ram the predator with their horn, until the Black Rhino is free
Where it lives
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