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John Geiger's Journey Line

No description

John Geiger

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of John Geiger's Journey Line

John Geiger's Journey Line
Early Childhood (5 - 12 yrs old)
High School (16 - 18)
Desire for the military peaked
Played Varsity for Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball
Captain of Basketball and Soccer team (Junior and Senior Year)
Discovered a greater sense of faith in my life through Christ

Graduation from High School (2011)
I graduated High School on June 6, 2011
I was 5th in my class and finished with a 3.9 GPA
I graduated with all of my friends...it is a day that I cherish deeply as it was our last time together as a whole group
Present Time: 2014
Born: September 24th, 1992

Born: 04:26AM in Hyannis, MA

Hometown: Chatham, Massachusetts

Siblings: Megan (26)

Age: 21
Year at USMA: Cow Year (Junior)

For now I focus on honing my abilities as a leader and as future officer in the United States Army.

Reflection, Self-Awareness, Optimism and the development of my leadership strategies are all important aspects that I I focus on daily to build my future in the best way possible.
The Beginning: Birth
Middle Years (13-15)
R-Day and USMA ( June 27th 2011 - Present)
The Near Future
In my early years I began to develop:

A passion for sports such as basketball and soccer
My friends and "best friends"
My desire to someday be a firefighter or policeman
Role Models such as my father
In the middle portion of my life I continued to develop and refine portions of my life.

Still active in sports but began to excel in basketball (played on the "A" team in middle school
Got my first pet (Golden Retriever, Gershwin)
Began working at the Chatham Beach and Tennis club as a dish-washer
Landscaped with my father
Met Colonel Wessmiller
Significant World Event:

World Trade Center and the Pentagon attacked by Terrorists

Known as "9-11"
Crucible 1
Crucible 2
My Acceptance Letter
I started smoking weed my junior year of high school

It was the WORST decision of my entire life

Take Aways:

I developed a great sense of resiliency. This having been one of my first major failures, I was tested in my ability to get back up after being knocked down so hard.

I also developed a great sense of empathy towards people who make mistakes. This will serve me well when I have to lead soldiers someday who will undoubtedly make mistakes. Having empathy can help me avoid the Fundamental Attribution Error and weigh the situation fully before making decisions and accusations.
R- Day is something I will truly never forget. On a single day I learned that I was no longer the "big shot." I was officially surrounded by America's best and completely out of my element.

With support from my friends and family, I got through BEAST Barracks and came out the other side as a Plebe

Since Plebe year I have attended Air Assault School, completed Camp Buckner and CLDT and look forward to a summer as a cadre member for CST and following an infantry officer around for CTLT
I see West Point as a journey that is well worth taking. It is difficult at times but I always try to remember deep inside why I am here and who I am doing this for...the sons and daughters that I will someday lead.
Meeting Col. Wessmiller

Col Wessmiller became
my best friend in high
school. As a WWII vet he
taught me lessons that he
learned in combat as well as life lessons on how to be a stronger person.

Take Away: He granted me a better perspective on who I am and who I want to be. His insight is crucial to my advancement in The Leader Growth Model through means of "New Knowledge.
As West Point progresses I become more and more cognizant of the impending future. Ring Weekend, Branch Night, Post Night and Graduation all await on the near horizon.

In the coming years I WILL branch aviation, I WILL graduate West Point, I WILL attend flight school and learn to fly helicopters and I WILL make a career out of the Army.

I am excited for the next chapter of my life to unfold as the current chapter comes to a close.
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