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No description

Jin Ui Park

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Business

How to avoid
during the meeting
Dynamic people

Let's start!
To Survive 'Harsh’ Business Environment
How to avoid
during the meeting
How to not
get nervous
before presenting
How to Flatter your Boss
How to deal with
sexual harassment
How to avenge mean boss

Very Tiny Deviant
Workplace Behavior
In Workplace
How to enjoy
working overtime
at night

How to survive
at the team dinner
Step 1. Chewing gum
Chew gum secretly.
These days, there are chewing gums specialized in avoiding drowsiness.
Step 2. Use your hand
Massage your hands.

Rub your hands and massage your eyes with heat of the hands.

How to not
get nervous
before presenting
Step 1. Before presenting
Do some simple stretching to relax neck and shoulder muscles.

Taking a deep breath and clapping your hands at the same time make your tensed mind relaxed.

Step 2. During presentation
If you know someone, look at him/her and imagine that you are communicating with him/her personally.
Use your hand gestures.
How to avenge
my boss at work

Not like this!!

Like this!!!

The Low Level

At the restroom

When he goes to the restroom, I can continuously knock on the door.

Speak repeatedly

When my boss tells me instructions or notice, I pretend I don't hear his words and I ask him again.

At mess
At mess, I can make trouble pretending to get drunk.

talk down and roughly
make him pay all cost of get-together
by credit card.
The Middle Level

Beverage & toothbrush
With cell phone number

I inform some people of my boss’s phone number on the website. “This phone number is that of the famous people!” After that, his cell phone will be ringing.

The High Level

Actually in other country


Very Tiny Deviant
Workplace Behavior
Essential to adjust the monitor's angle!
Online shopping
- In order not to take it to Director, General Manager...

Fast eye-hand combat!
- Check the monitor and around and move up so quickly and accurately by hand.
Mute essential!
- Earphones are so easy to take. Than Mute essential.
Use your lunch break!
- If you are not strong hear, aim at lunch time. It is useful because most people get through this company.
So, lunch time is so simply as possible!
Date in company with co-worker is good to upgrade work efficiency. Also it can overcome easily about the relationship with co-workers.

Here are some tips for date in company.

when you want physical affection.

1)Use the empty conference room

2)Make a code for only two people.
Ex) Please write a report. = Let’s go to eat.
Do you have coins? = I want kiss you.
Come to the office = See you in the car.

3)Concentrate on the work
while you are in the company.

4)Check the rule about date in company.
0~10 kcal

In Workplace
359~410 kcal

If you are employee, you can’t avoid work overtime at night. If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it!!

How to enjoy
working overtime
at night
Stretch your body, relax the body and reduce the tiredness.
Walk around the company.
Twist your waist or neck.
Stretch up your arm or legs.

How to survive
at the team dinner

The seat of
a gateman to same line
with a superior

The seat of next to
a superior

The seat of opposite side of a superior

Chinese medicine

Doing acts of madness

Ice creams

Beverages for relieving

How to flatter your boss
Ask for advice
Show your admiration for your boss by asking for her advice.

Praise something specific about him
Specific praise looks more genuine and “earned” and hence is more effective.
Make him look good
Praise him in front of his family – remember, always praise about something specific.

Project him as a hero in front of his bosses.

Avoid sounding too smart in front him
Project yourself as smart but be careful never to appear as a potential threat to him.
The boss may feel threatened if you are an exceptionally talented subordinate.
Avoid dragging an argument too far
If you argue too frequently, your boss would think what are you doing in his team when you have so much of differences.
Tell your manager you wish you had her time management skills, and ask for tips.
The Film
The King Of Flattery

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